Threat Intelligence Service

Oracle Threat Intelligence Service aggregates threat intelligence data across many different sources and manages this data to provide actionable guidance for threat detection and prevention in Oracle Cloud Guard and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. Threat Intelligence Service manages disparate feeds and creates a single confidence score for each indicator to reduce false positives while providing transparency into the source to support incident investigation.

Using threat intelligence data purposefully and reliably can be a burden on already overworked security operations teams. It requires sourcing, validation, management, storage, and manual integration—which can be money and time intensive. Threat Intelligence Service is a fully integrated approach to gaining threat intelligence, at no additional cost.

Watch a demonstration of Oracle Threat Intelligence and Cloud Guard Threat Detector (4:21)

Oracle Threat Intelligence Service features

Native integrations eliminate configuration complexity and redundancy

Threat intelligence data goes to work with Cloud Guard and Threat Detector.

Managed curation helps filter signal from noise

Aggregated threat intelligence data from open-source feeds, threat intelligence partners, and Oracle expertise, with prescriptive overall confidence assessments based on source, frequency, quality of sightings, and recency help analysts prioritize alerts and sort valid signals from noise.

Oracle security expertise built-in to make you safer

Access to Oracle security insights from Oracle security researchers and our own unique telemetry.

Access to Oracle’s threat intelligence database

Easily search for the most relevant threats in Oracle’s threat intelligence database.

Oracle Threat Intelligence Service provides:

Out-of-the-box integrations with Oracle Cloud Guard and Oracle Cloud Guard Threat Detector mean simple, integrated threat intelligence is used for both proactive defense and detection, reducing configuration complexity and redundancy.

Prescriptive overall confidence assessments based on source, frequency, quality of sightings, and recency help analysts prioritize alerts and sort valid signals from noise.

Threat intelligence-backed detections for threat warnings provide transparency and helps customers trust the warnings they get from Oracle.

Access to Oracle intelligence from observed telemetry and our threat research teams provides unique threat intelligence from our unique POV spanning SaaS/PaaS/IaaS.

January 11, 2023

Exploring the SaaS Cloud Security Operations Roles

David Cross, Oracle SVP SaaS Security

As customers continue to adopt their cloud strategies, some may ask about the various cloud security operational roles and the difference between them. I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss how the SaaS Cloud Security (SCS) organization performs each of these roles to protect Oracle SaaS.

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