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Lucas Vogel, owner of Endpoint Systems "Figaro has partnered with Oracle to extend the Oracle Berkeley DB XML engine, a native XML database engine combining a document parser, XML indexer, XML query engine, and Oracle Berkeley DB, to create one of the fastest and most efficient data access layers for the .NET Framework "

Endpoint Systems Updates its Figaro DB XML Engine

Endpoint Systems debuts Figaro embeddable database engine for Microsoft .NET developers.

Endpoint Technologies
Kimman Balakrishnan, Founder/CTO, Extrieve Technologies "Since 2001, we have embedded Oracle Berkeley DB in Waves, our enterprise workflow platform for financial services clients."

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Extrieve Technologies
Ralph Anzarouth, Technology Director, Mitel Networks "When we did the analysis, Berkeley DB proved to be highly sophisticated while remaining cost effective" Mitel
Rich Wong, SVP Products and Solutions Group, OpenWave “Speed, reliability and ease-of-use are important considerations for telecommunication infrastructure equipment. We’re pleased that Oracle continues to improve Berkeley DB for the telecommunications industry. Openwave relies on Berkeley DB as the core message store in Email Mx, a messaging platform that handles more than 1.5 billion messages a day.”  openwave
Erik Forsbert, Chief Software Architect, Critical Path "Integration and compatibility among all products. That’s one of the strengths of Berkeley DB. You can use it in so many ways." critical-path
Simeon Coney, VP Business Development, Adaptive Mobile "Berkeley DB reduces query time and increases speed without any additional hardware requirements. It provides real time availability of the data."  Adaptive-logo
Ryan Kennedy, Core Services at Yammer "BDB JE is pretty cool and can be made to do great things with a bit of assembly."

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