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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

Next-generation cloud infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a deep and broad platform of public cloud services that enables customers to build and run a wide range of applications in a scalable, secure, highly available, and high-performance environment.

For on-premises requirements, OCI is available with the new Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer—behind a company’s private firewall and in their data center.

OCI overview video

Read about Oracle’s cloud advancements in a recent analyst report.

Reduce your support technology bill by $.25 for every $1 spent on OCI. Save with Oracle Support Rewards

With the Oracle Support Rewards program, the more you use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), the more you save. Organizations can flexibly earn rewards with three different ways to get the most out of the program.

Free training and certification

Boost your technical skills and increase your earnings potential by taking advantage of free OCI training, available for all skill levels. Plus, get OCI certified with free exams now through December 31, 2021.

Everything for developers

Learn about the latest products, services and virtual events. Engage with peers in your areas of interest across Oracle developer communities, code repositories, operations guidance and blogs.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architecture Center

Your destination for OCI guidance and technical resources.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure benefits

Autonomous services

OCI is the exclusive home of Oracle Autonomous Database and its self-repairing, self-optimizing autonomous features. Leveraging machine learning to automate routine tasks, Autonomous Database delivers higher performance, better security, and improved operational efficiency, and frees up more time to focus on building enterprise applications.

Gartner: Critical Capabilities for Operational Database Management Systems

Reduce costs and enhance performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is built for enterprises seeking higher performance, lower costs, and easier cloud migration for their existing on-premises applications, and better price-performance for cloud native workloads. Read how customers have moved from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, substantially reducing their costs and enhancing their compute platform performance.

Compare against AWS

Read Gartner's perspective on Oracle's public cloud

Easily migrate enterprise apps

Traditional, on-premises workloads that enterprises rely on to run their business are easier to migrate to Oracle Cloud. Designed to deliver bare-metal compute services, network traffic isolation, and the only service-level guarantees for performance, Oracle Cloud enables rapid migration and faster time to innovation. Build new value around migrated applications faster with Autonomous Database, data science tools, and our cloud native development tools.

Learn why Oracle apps run best on OCI

Start migrating your custom apps to OCI

Best support for hybrid architectures

Deploy your cloud applications and databases anywhere with a wide choice of options, ranging from our public regions to edge devices. In addition to our public cloud region, we offer full private Dedicated Regions in customers data centers, edge-computing Oracle Roving Edge devices, and our blazingly fast Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, with Autonomous Database service delivered behind your firewall. With full support for VMware environments in the customer tenancy as well, Oracle offers cloud computing that works the way you expect.

Learn about hybrid, multicloud, and intercloud deployment options

Oracle Brings the Cloud to You (PDF)

Oracle Cloud Insider

Get the latest industry trends, best practices, and product updates, and be in the know about new training programs and upcoming events.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products


Oracle Analytics uses built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze data across your organization so you can make smarter, more informed decisions, faster.

Applied software technologies

Transformational technologies like AI, blockchain, machine learning, data science, and digital assistants are revolutionizing entire industries by integrating these services into enterprise applications or using Oracle’s ready-to-use, modern SaaS applications that embed these applied software technologies into your fundamental business processes.


OCI built our infrastructure to deliver the performance, scalability, and services needed to run the most demanding enterprise workloads and the most modern cloud native applications. We offer a compute service designed for every workload, delivering new levels of cloud performance for HPC and enterprise applications with our bare metal Intel and nVidia GPU services, custom and dynamically elastic compute shapes on our AMD Epyc services, as well as cloud native services for Kubernetes and serverless functions.


Oracle Autonomous Database is a unified database offering that brings Oracle database technology into an automated, self-healing platform. With support for multiple modes and data structures, we automate all routine database tasks, saving countless hours of manual, human effort and ensuring higher performance, reliability, security, and operational efficiency.


Accelerate digital transformation initiatives with Oracle integration. Get a jumpstart with preintegrated connectivity to Oracle and third-party SaaS and on-premises apps, run-ready process automation templates, and an intuitive visual app builder for rapid web and mobile app development.

Observability and management

Eliminate the human effort required to monitor and manage applications and infrastructure. Oracle Cloud Observability and Management services work with the entire operational data set for managing on-premises environments, Oracle Cloud environments, and hybrid and multicloud environments.

Networking, connectivity, and edge services

OCI networking services offer Layer 2 isolation of your tenancy to prevent ‘noisy neighbors’ from disrupting your workloads and offers highly customizable virtual cloud networks (VCN) and connectivity services that extend your IT infrastructure without the massive network egress services common in public clouds.

Security, identity, and compliance

Concerns about security shouldn’t keep you from the cloud, it should move you toward it. Implement and manage consistent security, identity, and access management policies across the hybrid data center while maintaining compliance.


Cloud storage doesn’t have to be confusing, surprisingly expensive, or slow. Oracle Cloud delivers consistent, low-cost cloud storage options, including on-demand local, object, file, high IOPS block, and standard block storage services, archive storage, and secure data transfer services.

TIM Brasil moves all their datacenter workloads to the cloud and transforms digitally with multicloud strategy

“We are undergoing an important cloud transformation to improve our environmental, social, and governance practices. Using a multicloud strategy, we are the first carrier in Brazil to move 100% of our workloads to the cloud. It includes moving our customer billing system, our CRM and VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.”

Pietro Labriola
CEO, TIM Brasil

Mazda cuts costs 50% and boosts performance 70% with Oracle Cloud

“We migrated a global inventory management system that tracks thousands of automotive repair parts and accessories from an on-premises system to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We've already achieved a 70% increase in performance and cut our 5-year total cost of ownership in half.”

Masahiko Tamura
General Manager, Supply Chain Systems Department, Mazda Motor Corporation

Zoom selects Oracle as a cloud infrastructure provider for its core online meeting service

“We selected Oracle for its advantages in performance, scalability, reliability, and superior cloud security.”

Eric S. Yuan
CEO, Zoom

7-Eleven trusts core applications and disaster recovery to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and sees a 30X performance improvement

“Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was undeniably the clear choice. There is no better solution for databases than Exadata, and Oracle is the only cloud that offers it.”

Sanjay Date
Senior Program Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure Group, 7-Eleven

NRI modernizes its data center with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer

“With Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer, we can significantly reduce our on-premises costs and invest more in our digital transformation.”

Tomoshiro Takemoto
Senior Corporate Managing Director, NRI

Bold back-office changes deliver continued market leadership for FedEx

“The Oracle Analytics tools allow us to drill into operations on an almost real-time basis and evaluate how things are developing worldwide.”

Chris Wood
Vice President of Business Transformation, FedEx Services

Oracle Cloud Regions

Oracle Cloud regions

With our next-generation cloud, Oracle is meeting the needs of our enterprise customers worldwide that require geographically distributed regions for true business continuity, disaster protection, and regional compliance requirements.

Why ISVs are choosing Oracle Cloud

Explore OCI’s capabilities for hosting ISV applications. Discover why Zoom, Altair, and Workforce Software have made the move.

June 22, 2021

Oracle Support Rewards makes it even easier for customers to use Oracle Cloud

Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Support Rewards is the latest of several Oracle programs to help simplify cloud adoption. Support Rewards makes it easy for customers to reduce their technology support bill, even down to zero. It's simple: for every dollar you spend on OCI, you earn $0.25 in Support Rewards. The Support Rewards you earn can be used to reduce your technology support bill, including on products such as Oracle Database, Oracle WebLogic, and more.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—get started with high performance, low cost, and a free account

Low and predictable cloud pricing

OCI was designed for how enterprises actually use the cloud, with low network egress costs, competitive compute shapes and high performance storage services at market leading pricing. Details on how you can benefit from Oracle’s low-priced, high-performance cloud.

Try Oracle Cloud Free Tier

Oracle offers a Free Tier with no time limits on selection of services like Autonomous Database, Compute, and Storage, as well as US$300 in free credits to try additional cloud services. Get the details and sign up for your free account today.

Estimate your costs

The Oracle Cloud pricing model is based on a simple unit cost structure supporting a wide range of technology use cases. To estimate your low rate, check out the cost estimator and configure the services to suit your needs.

Contact sales

Interested in learning more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure? Let one of our experts help.