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The emergence of smart, cross-channel connectivity has fundamentally changed the way companies engage with customers, suppliers, employers, and investors. In response, communications providers must innovate for the future and rethink their operating models to deliver the fast, connected services today’s consumers expect.

AI and automation can enable telecom providers to self-configure, monitor, manage, correct, defend, and analyze without the need for human intervention, helping to reduce operational costs and free IT staff to innovate.

As for making smarter use of data, analytics tools can help providers better identify and respond to customer and industry trends while enabling greater operational visibility across the company—and market.

When coupled with AI, data analytics can also help providers automate valuable services like predictive maintenance and fraud detection, freeing more time for IT to spend on critical security issues and service innovation, while also nurturing customer trust.

Today, Oracle connects millions of applications and secures thousands of networks, servicing billions of mobile devices around the world. Using Oracle Autonomous Database, organizations can deliver quicker reporting and optimize their networks, helping to reduce costs and drive better customer experiences.

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SKY Brasil is the leading provider of satellite telecom services and 4G Internet connection for rural regions of Brasil. The growing demand for seamless, personalized services and content required a new approach to innovation. By turning to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, SKY Brasil can now perform real-time marketing analytics in a high-performing, secure environment—helping it build targeted marketing strategies that satisfy the needs of individual customers.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse transformed Sky’s digital transformation by accelerating time to market by 90% and saved 60% in hardware procurement and software licensing compared with its previous on-premise solution. 90% of IT staff time is now spent on higher-value data modeling rather than on maintenance.

“In addition to the high performance of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, the adoption has streamlined our processes and enabled us to reach our customers with the right offering at the right time.”

André Nazare, IT Director, SKY Brasil

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Helping to drive smartphone adoption across the South Pacific, Vodafone Fiji is Fiji’s leading mobile and internet services provider. It delivers world-class services to more than 800,000 subscribers, reaching about 96% of the Fijian population. The company uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud to gain the benefit of real-time operational reporting and dashboards that don’t require IT administration.

Vodafone Fiji has reduced the time it takes to build complex reports from two weeks (using its on-premise database) to just 30 minutes. In addition, it’s improved database performance by 6× and is now able to automate the scaling of 600 million records per day—the equivalent of 50 terabytes of data per month.

With AI and machine learning, it can also better predict customer churn, and empower staff to be more proactive and customer-focused.

“We leveraged Oracle Analytics to interrogate the data and give us some great business insights. The biggest advantage of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is it significantly cut down processing time and helped simply reporting and analytics,
so we could go to market much faster.”

Ronald Prasad, COO, Vodafone Fiji

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Telecom Fiji is one of the region’s largest telecommunications providers and needed to accelerate its decision-making processes.

By replacing slower, manual analytics processes in an on-premise database environment with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, it can now generate business performance and customer activity insights from multiple sources—fast.

Self-tuning reduced time to produce reports on terabytes of data from two weeks to minutes. Autoscaling has provided more capacity flexibility on demand to ramp up for peak reporting performance, and down to minimize costs, saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in on-premise equipment and software licensing.

Telecom Fiji also uses Oracle Analytics to improve customer service, with business users empowered with real-time actionable insights.

“With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we can empower our IT staff to innovate ways to apply data analytics. Because of this, they’re now performing more of an advisory role to management.”

Shalvin Narayan, Head of IT, Telecom Fiji

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