The impact of autonomous
technology—by industry

and Distribution

With changing consumer expectations for expedited shipping and ever-expanding product portfolios, retailers and consumer goods manufacturers are under constant pressure. They have to optimize inventory to deliver exactly what was ordered on time and the first time—or the customer will shop elsewhere next time.

Distribution warehouses are becoming increasingly automated. Using AI has been critical to satisfy 24/7 order fulfillment to streamline processes for enhanced safety, quality, and security. Trade continues to be interconnected and complex, with cargo containers crisscrossing the seas carrying the latest fashion, electronics, automobiles, or food.

To accelerate operational insights across delivery networks and provide real-time tracking information, logistics providers are turning to machine learning in Oracle Autonomous Database. It provides them with the ability distill increasing amounts and types of data from seaport sensors, warehouse robots, and customer interactions—with no database administration.

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JASCI Software is a SaaS innovator that uses AI to optimize its customers’ warehouses, inventories, orders, labor, and shipping with real-time visibility.

Since deploying Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, JASCI Software has eliminated the risk of human administrative errors in the database, improved the reliability of disaster recovery, and improved order processing by more than 100×.

“With Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing, we can process twice as many orders with half the labor, allowing our customers to process more orders at a lower cost. We can also now take on a customer of any size from autoscaling. These autonomous database innovations empower us to deliver our customers’ goods faster, and successfully compete in the age of next-day shipping.”

Craig Wilensky, CEO and Cofounder, JASCI Software

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Indonesia’s express and logistics leader delivers over 1 million packages per day across 7,000 service locations. It uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, which can be set up in less than an hour for faster and more direct access to data.

Employees are empowered with actionable insights in minutes, which give them the ability to monitor and predict operations from customer purchase to delivery.

“Now, using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we can turn the information gathered from each delivery into actionable insights within minutes. This means were are more efficient, can respond faster to every case, and can provide our customers with real-time tracking information.”

Agusnur Widodo, COO and GM Express, JNE

Based in China, Kerry Logistics Network provides supply-chain services worldwide, marshaling 45,000 employees in 55 countries and territories, with more than 500 distribution centers across Southeast Asia.

Kerry Logistics is developing intelligent logistics services that leverage emerging technologies such as predictive analytics and the Internet of Things to optimize operations that generate an explosion of data that will compound the company’s data-processing complexity.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse consolidated data from across the company’s global operations onto an integrated platform to analyze logistics in real time, reduce undiscovered waste costs by 3%, and provide customers with more-efficient and higher-quality services.

“With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, we’re able to pull accurate and relevant data for adjustment of business strategies that used to take two to three months. [This can ] now be done in two or three weeks, which helps us gain core competencies.”

Yichen Xu, IT Director Kerry Logistics

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Malaysia's logistics provider manages over 1 million cargo containers per year. It has one of the world’s busiest seaports that is almost 5 kilometers long.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has now enabled the staff to collect 50GB of data per day from various systems, such as Terminal Operations Systems, Visitor Entry Systems, and gate sensors to gain deeper operational insights.

Using Oracle Analytics provides visual dashboards and reports every 10 minutes instead of hourly. Now Johor Port is able to achieve higher operational excellence, business expansion, and waste reduction with less IT costs.

“Without real-time information, we can’t see the current productivity levels and checking manually takes time and tends to be inconsistent. Every minute counts, as every minute is costing money. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse paves the way for operational empowerment, and more growth opportunities”.

Omar Othman, Head, Information, Communication & Technology Johor Port Berhad

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