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Speed and efficiency are key measurements of quality in manufacturing, and new digital technologies can help manufacturers enhance these qualities as well as drive agility and scalability to better meet market demand.

Advancements in AI, cloud computing, analytics, and robotics—to name a few—are helping manufacturers take control of their operations and respond to market-banded threats. For example, AI enables automation across various industrial functions to deliver businesswide performance improvements that can save time and resources—resulting in better profit margins.

When converged with AI, the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide intelligent insights on processes, costs, and productivity while adding greater visibility across the supply chain. It can even help regulate factory conditions and improve quality control.

In fact, by the end of 2020, it’s estimated that manufacturers will invest US$267 billion in IoT.

Beyond process improvement, data-driven predictive maintenance is helping to improve equipment availability and reduce planned outages to drive field-service efficiency and customer-satisfaction levels. Companies can better analyze customer data and feedback to provide more customized products and new sources of value.

With Oracle Autonomous Database, companies can build an intelligent supply chain and elevate their operations. With access to advanced analytical tools, businesses can uncover new insights into their business and their consumers to deliver competitive products, improve productivity, and create new business models that drive revenue.

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Supporting some of the largest capital equipment makers, MESTEC is a leading SaaS provider of intelligent manufacturing planning and execution solutions.

The company uses Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing to autoscale a highly available database up or down in seconds to quickly onboard new customers of any size at zero upfront cost. Even with a 24/7 requirement, downtime has been eliminated. The Oracle Autonomous Database performs 6× faster for half of the infrastructure and labor costs of an equivalent on-premise environment.

By harnessing the power of data, MESTEC is able to improve productivity by 60%, reduce working inventory by 20%, and cut customer complaints by half

“Moving to the cloud removes a lot of the barriers to innovation we had with our legacy on-premise proposition.”

Mark Carleton, Services Director, MESTEC

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Unior is a global supplier of automotive equipment, hand tools, and specialist machines—producing 100,000 items daily. Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, it has accelerated data loading and query performance for concurrent workloads, improving the time it takes to set up new development projects.

The company now also manages 85 million data records without the need for DBAs, helping it drive real-time insights and better decision-making—enabling it to focus its resources on customer service and sales, and reduce costs.

“From the first moment we started to use Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics, we were back in control of our production and our future. With dashboards updated every day, we have the insights to make the right decisions.”

Rok Planinšec, Chief Information Officer, Unior

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MineSense is a leader in intelligent digital mining. It improves operational profitability and sustainability, supports the technology mining companies of copper, zinc, nickel, and iron ore in Latin America, Australia, and Africa.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse ingests gigabytes of daily Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data at 2× faster performance and with flexible autoscaling to quickly onboard new mines and to save costs. The company has seen a 65% reduction in DBA workloads with increased productivity on development and reporting.

With APEX built into Oracle Autonomous Database, development to deployment of new low-code apps has been reduced from six weeks to one week for hundreds of users accessing data for reporting.

“With Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and APEX, I not only have a world-class, scalable, super-secure, super-powerful database engine, but with the built-in application development tools, I can build and deploy applications almost right away so that I can get people access to data. I don’t know of any other platform where I can do that out of the box.”

Frank Hoogendoorn, Chief Data Officer, MineSense Technologies

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