The impact of autonomous
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High Technology

High technology companies are entering a more mature phase of cloud adoption, with many choosing to evaluate their existing IT infrastructure to better take advantage of the cloud.

To keep pace with rapid digital change, firms must deliver highly tailored solutions that show a deep understanding of their customers’ needs—critical in areas such as software development, cybersecurity, and data and infrastructure.

By adopting database automation, firms can better unlock and contextualize their data to tailor customer offerings, as well as accelerate time to market, reduce costs, and improve database performance.

But the more these firms expand their digital footprint and create new endpoints, the more important cybersecurity analytics becomes in protecting against data breaches. AI-powered automation can go a long way to reduce security complexity and help isolate sources of risk and data vulnerability.

With Oracle Autonomous Database, we deliver unprecedented levels of automation so customers can speed deployment and shorten product lifecycles. With AI and machine learning (ML), companies can discover new patterns and produce innovative experiences for customers.

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11880 is Germany’s second largest phone assistance firm. It offers strategic digital search services, builds websites, and aggregates more than 90 million recommendations for 1 million small and midsize businesses.

11880 uses Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for its big-data queries, helping it consolidate seven DBA roles into one architect. Not only has 11880 quadrupled its performance speeds, but it’s also simplified peak demand, helping it minimize costs and lower its TCO.

“Compared to Amazon Redshift, we had a speed increase of 4×, and the ROI was achieved within 12 months.”

Christian Maar, CEO, 11880 Solutions AG

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With 1,600 software engineers worldwide, intive is a German digital agency that serves some of the world’s largest automotive, finance, and media companies.

By using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, intive was able to improve AI performance for research and development in its financial services while also helping to eliminate database administration.

As a result, it saw a 70× performance increase, 3× development velocity, and 4× fewer errors compared to its legacy on-premise environment.

“Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse supporting our
research and development is beautiful, because now we
can focus on our ideas and innovation, and not have to tackle IT maintenance and routine tasks.”

Marcin Niczyporuk, CTO, intive

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Data Intensity is a multi-cloud managed services provider specializing in ERP applications, database management and analytics, and infrastructure.

By using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, the company has revolutionized its financial reporting and agile development to achieve 5× more performance, 10× more user adoption, and 10× fewer resources—including zero administration and zero downtime.

“We chose Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse because it’s quick, easy, and solved a lot of problems for us—and really suited our agile development. We achieved an initial saving of nearly
$250,000, and we’re running on 10× less hardware than before.”

James Anthony, CTO, Data Intensity

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