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20 Apr 2022
Oracle Delivers Extreme Database Performance and Scale with Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M

Exadata Cloud Infrastructure X9M accelerates database OLTP workloads in the cloud with 2.5 times more database cores and 87 percent more OLTP IOPS than the previous generation for the same price.

20 Apr 2022
60% of People in South Africa Believe Bots Will Succeed Where Humans Have Failed with Corporate Sustainability

Global study finds 98% of people believe society has not made enough progress on sustainability and social efforts

09 Feb 2022
Oracle and Red Bull Racing Launch a New Chapter of Innovation in Formula One

Team expands use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to further improve race strategy, engine development, and projects within Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

02 Feb 2022
Oracle Invests USD One Million To Support African Tech Startups

New program will help African startups across different industries implement the latest digital technologies to drive business growth

19 Jan 2022
Oracle Opens First Cloud Region in Africa

New cloud region in Johannesburg delivers superior performance, built-in security, and high availability.

20 Dec 2021
Oracle Buys Cerner

Oracle and Cerner Corporation jointly announced an agreement for Oracle to acquire Cerner a leading provider of digital information systems.

09 Dec 2021
Oracle Announces Fiscal 2022 Second Quarter Financial Results

Total quarterly revenues were up 6% year-over-year to $10.4 billion.

15 Nov 2021
Oracle Aconex Achieves British Standards Institution Certification for Building Information Modeling Software

Project management solution first to be certified for both ISO and DIN standards for BIM, highlighting its ability to maximize effectiveness and accuracy across construction projects

03 Nov 2021
Oracle Announces New AI Services for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

New services for developers and data scientists make it easy to apply AI to enterprise scenarios.

27 Oct 2021
Construction Industry Looking to Predictive Analytics to Improve Project Outcomes

Discover results of the Oracle global survey demonstrating how firms focus on uniting and better utilizing data to improve performance across projects and operations.

26 Oct 2021
82% of People Believe Robots Can Support Their Career Better Than Humans

People are turning to robots to support their career development after the COVID-19 pandemic left them feeling lonely and disconnected from their own lives.

11 Oct 2021
Oracle Expands Global Cloud Footprint to Meet Continued Triple-Digit Growth

Unique dual-region strategy, sustainability, and next-generation cloud architecture help customers with business continuity and compliance requirements.

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