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Optimize Site Selection

With inconsistent site profile and performance information spread across various systems, finding and enrolling qualified sites is predominately a manual, complicated, and lengthy process.

goBalto Select Cloud Service provides a data-driven approach to weighing selection and performance variables to aid in the identification of sites and target populations ideally suited to studies. Open sites on time and meet enrollment targets.

Key Features

goBalto Select Cloud Service Benefits

  • Validate site performance to meet enrollment targets
  • Integrate all data sources to create a comprehensive site profile
  • Integrate workflows to complete all site identification and selection activities
  • Reuse site profile data to maximize accuracy of data
  • Utilize workflows to manage CDA, protocol amendments, site identification surveys, and prestudy visits
  • Enable data-driven business decisions and transparency for regulatory compliance and risk mitigation

goBalto Select simplifies the process of finding investigative sites by ensuring optimal fit and its integrated workflows allow our globally dispersed clinical research teams to collaborate in real-time. Investigate sites can then be quickly setup to enroll trial subjects using goBalto Activate.

Kirill Soldatov, Director of Process Improvement, PSI CRO
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