VM Cloud Migration FAQ

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General questions

Is Oracle Cloud Migrations free?

The service consumes object storage and compute instances to help with the migration process. These components will be charged according to the customer's rate card.

Is Oracle Cloud Migrations available in all regions?

From the general release, Oracle Cloud Migrations service will be available in all commercial regions.

Can you use Oracle Cloud Migrations to migrate Windows Desktop operating systems?

Technically yes, but Microsoft does not allow Windows Desktop operating systems to run in the public cloud by default. Customers should get clarification from Microsoft on this.

Can you bring your own license (BYOL) for Windows licenses?

Microsoft allows BYOL in most cases as long as dedicated hardware is being used. Oracle Cloud Migrations can deploy migrated VMs to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure dedicated virtual machine hosts.

Can you get coverage for Windows licenses from OCI?

Yes, this is possible. After migration, you need to configure the Windows system to use the OCI key management service to get proper Windows licenses assigned.

What edition and version of VMware do you need to have?

VMware vSphere 6.5, 6.7, or 7.0.

Can Oracle Cloud Migrations migrate VMs from other platforms such as Oracle VM, KVM, or Hyper-V?

No. At launch only the VMware platform is supported.

Can Oracle Cloud Migrations migrate VMs from other clouds such as AWS or Azure?

No. At launch only on-premises VMware platforms are supported as access to VMware snapshot is required by the Oracle Cloud Migrations agent.

For how long you can migrate (replicate)?

Currently there are no restrictions, but we may introduce restrictions in the future. In general, we recommend users plan to complete migrations within 30 days of starting replication.

What’s the difference between test and production migration?

The difference is in the user’s actions. In the case of production migration, the user needs to shut down the source VM and perform one additional replication to ensure the most recent data is replicated.

What are the supported source VM guest operating systems?

A mix of Windows and Linux VMs are supported. Visit our specifications for using Oracle Cloud Migrations web page for a complete list.