Digital Assistant FAQ

Can I create chatbots and voice bots with Oracle Digital Assistant?

Yes, Oracle Digital Assistant provides a complete platform for delivering conversation experiences with chat and voice interfaces with advanced natural language processing that surpasses simple chatbots.

Can Oracle Digital Assistant be used to help my customers and my employees?

Yes, Oracle Digital Assistant provides a single platform from which you can create assistants that support all your users, both inside and outside your organization.

Does Oracle Digital Assistant support multiple languages?

Yes, Oracle Digital Assistant’s advanced natural language understanding incorporates zero-shot learning and classification for multiple languages.

Can Oracle Digital Assistant connect to my back-end applications?

Yes, Oracle Digital Assistant enables you to simply and securely connect to any applications and data sources via simple REST services or through Oracle Integration Cloud.

Can I create chatbots for social and collaboration channels, such as WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams?

Yes, Oracle Digital Assistant has support for all the most popular channels and webhooks.


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