Unified Inventory and Topology—a Cloud Native Network Inventory Solution

Oracle’s real-time active inventory and topology solution provides a “single pane of glass” view of network resources and services in a unified and federated way. Combined with network discovery and reconciliation, the solution enables automation of the fulfillment, assurance, and orchestration of fixed, pre-5G, and 5G-era mobile and digital services.

Orchestrate 5G services and networks.

Unified Inventory and Topology features and benefits

Oracle’s unified inventory and topology solution provides customers with an end-to-end view of the network and services to automate the fulfillment, assurance, and orchestration of fixed, mobile, and digital services.

End-to-end view of the network and services

Improve operations with real-time active inventory and topology designed to automate the fulfillment, assurance, and orchestration of the network and services.

Unified and federated

Embrace “single pane of glass” network and service visibility for physical and cloud-based networks, enabling automation of the design, orchestration, and operations of complex networks and services.

Dynamic inventory

Transform offline inventory into a highly scalable active inventory using live network telemetry and network discovery data. Use the latest network status and dependencies to build a single source of truth for the networks and services.

Real-time unified topology

Obtain a near real-time, high-definition view of how the network functions interconnect to form end-to-end network services. Use it along with unified inventory and assurance to increase operational efficiency.

Accurate network discovery and reconciliation

Improve the accuracy of operations and planning with high-quality network inventory data. Quickly onboard new devices, network functions, and inventory data sources.

Comprehensive network discovery

Automate network discovery of physical, logical, and virtual resources, as well as provisioned services. Benefit from full core-to-edge discovery, including network elements and EMS/NMS, with support for flexible and scheduled configuration of discovery scans.

Integrated reconciliation

Use automation to identify and compare discrepancies with existing repositories. Leverage an intuitive, graphical user interface to resolve issues manually or automatically.

Open and extensible framework

Gain flexible support for new network technologies and vendor equipment with extensible, prebuilt template (cartridge) architecture. Enable rapid support for new technologies through configuration versus coding.

Web services API integration

Leverage extensive web services APIs to automate the upload of accurate network data sources to inventory or other systems. Eliminate errors and automate service feasibility, fulfillment, and financial asset management processes.

Empower key operations processes to increase network and service automation

Enable automation of the elements of the network infrastructure.

Automation bridge

Create a bridge between orchestration and assurance automation workflows, enabling a three-way exchange of information between these platforms and inventory and topology.

Facilitate an efficient network plan and build

Plan equipment build-outs by creating business interactions to track planned equipment resources. Support the definition and planning of network infrastructure for operations readiness.

Enable 5G slice design and management

Design 5G eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC slices, and automate the lifecycle of network slices in combination with unified orchestration, unified assurance, and third-party domain-level orchestrators.

TMF API support

Increase operations automation by integrating with adjunct platforms using TMF open APIs such as Service Catalog, Service Inventory Management, and Resource Inventory Management.

Unified Inventory and Topology components

01Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management

Deploy an open, standards-based, cloud native application that provides an intelligent inventory and topology of services and resources. Flexible, extensible architecture enables the rapid design and delivery of fixed and mobile services as well as the management of current and next-gen resources and technologies.

Read the Unified Inventory Management datasheet (PDF)

02Oracle Communications Network Integrity

Ensure optimum network data accuracy with a flexible application for the discovery and reconciliation of network assets from network devices and other data sources such as inventory management systems. Seamlessly work with a broad set of network-facing cartridges to automate the discovery of physical and logical resources and provisioned services.

Read the Network Integrity datasheet (PDF)

03Oracle Communications Unified Topology for Inventory and Automation

Visualize and automate processes spanning inventory, assurance, and orchestration with live topology of networks and services.

Read the Unified Topology for Inventory and Automation datasheet (PDF)

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