WebRTC connects real-time voice, video, or data from a browser or mobile app to any network

Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller provides a direct connection from the web real-time communications (WebRTC) client to a telephone network or to any Voice over IP (VoIP) network. WebRTC Session Controller is supported by every major internet browser as well as smart phone applications.

Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller

With several deployment options, WebRTC Session Controller provides carrier-grade connections through standard WebRTC interfaces. An SDK provides support for identity, authentication, connection management, and synchronization.

Network reliability

Deliver carrier-grade scalability with distributed, highly available signaling and media architecture with media anchoring for NAT traversal and SRTP termination.

User reliability

Connect through a browser or smart phone. The solution automatically reestablishes dropped WebRTC calls regardless of cause—a dropped signal, browser reset, network handover, or a device swap.

User authentication

Client or user security includes web-based user authentication using traditional telco and enterprise authentication mechanisms.

Network security

Protect your network by preventing overload of the edge and back-end infrastructure, blocking denial of service attacks, prioritizing traffic to maintain normal service to valid users, encrypting keys, and authenticating the network.

IT processing

Integrate with the industry’s most powerful Java Enterprise Edition containers. Oracle WebLogic Server ensures interoperability for web-to-web and web-to-network communications.

Client software development kit (SDK)

Accelerate development with an extensible JavaScript-based environment providing automatic browser mediation, client authentication, session management, and connection control.

Communications session management

Connect WebRTC clients to an existing voice network or VoIP system.

Media services

Provide scalable, network-based media anchoring for NAT traversal, deencryption, and reencryption to accommodate different standards, codec transcoding, and multivendor interoperability to normalize implementation differences.

Media-rich applications

Reduce the need for integrating with third-party media servers, lowering your costs and time to market for innovative, multimedia converged applications.

Extreme processing throughput

Real-time Java Virtual Machine, along with the coherence data grid, provides extremely high throughput scaling up to thousands of sessions on a single server depending on traffic and hardware resources.

Unlimited scaling

The solution scales horizontally as needed by adding more servers to a cluster.

Key benefits of using WebRTC Session Controller

01Reliable, failsafe connections

Reliably maintain active communications through browser anomalies or network failures.

02Seamless interoperability

Provides signaling, address, and media interworking to support large-scale, reliable, interoperable, and universal communications.

03Network security

Incorporates web-based security standards providing network security, authentication, and authorization.

Additional WebRTC Session Controller resources


Technical overview of Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller, including its main features and topology.

WebRTC-enabled browsers

Create multimedia applications that run in WebRTC-enabled browsers using the Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller JavaScript application programming interface (API) library.

Application Developer’s Guide

Understand the capabilities of Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller, and how it can be used to develop applications.

Media Engine Object Reference

Take action, show status commands, and configure objects and properties available on the Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller media engine.

Getting started with Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller

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