Proven Project Delivery for Government Capital Programs

Government agencies are responsible for prioritizing and delivering capital programs that improve the welfare of the community. These initiatives may be as diverse as recreation facility expansion, water treatment plant modernization, transportation infrastructure upgrades, and economic development partnerships. The common thread between these types of projects is that they all demand precise coordination among a wide range of stakeholders, spending transparency, and risk reduction to assure successful outcomes. This is no easy task—whether you’re managing a single project or an entire portfolio—and Oracle Construction and Engineering is here to help.

Oracle Construction and Engineering is dedicated to providing cloud services that enable government leaders to better plan, prioritize, select and dramatically improve their project delivery capabilities. Oracle provides a platform of services that ensure success by automating and supporting the full program lifecycle from planning through design, construction and operations.

Oracle Aconex: Proven project delivery for capital programs.

Capital Improvement Planning

Identify candidate project investments as part of a streamlined and collaborative initiation process that feeds your long-range planning process. Develop multi-year budgets, manage funding sources, and prioritize projects based on weighted criteria that align with your agency’s strategic objectives. Communicate the clear priorities with Oracle’s analytic and visualization capabilities.

Program Planning and Scheduling

Plan, schedule, and control projects of any size with the world’s leading scheduling solutions that now offer lean scheduling. Interactive Gantt charts allow planners and project managers to communicate timelines and milestones. Use schedule dates to automatically drive cash flow and earned value management (EVM). Analyze risks and quantify the probability and potential impact to cost and schedule. Track and manage resource capacity and enable team members to report progress using a simple mobile app.

Contract and Change Management

Manage all contract types at any level of detail, including contract-centric views of baselines, actuals, and forecasts with integration to cash flow. Attach drawings, specifications, and any other supporting documentation to contract records. Execute full change management from a single platform with visibility into risks, trends, and other information, such as RFIs from contractors. Streamline and automate payments to contractors while enforcing the exchange of compliance documentation.

Document Management and Collaboration

Store, view, and mark up documents that use features such as revision control, check in/check out, commenting, and full audit logs of all activities to foster transparency and collaboration. Automate business processes and logs with meeting minutes, action items, and correspondence, and coordinate with external parties via supplemental instructions and design change requests. Manage design drawing review, notices to proceed, RFIs, submittals, punch lists, closeout checklists, warranties, and turnover documentation in one centralized location. Maintain safety logs with incident reports that are reportable across all projects to ensure compliance and reduce risk.

Project Cost Control

Easily configure best-in-class workflow automation to standardize all cost transactions. Manage cost breakdown structures and business rules – assigning either hard-stop or advisory enforcement. Universally link to any other business process type or documentation. Track baseline budgets and actual costs, and manage forecasts either manually or automatically. Interface with financial and ERP applications such as PeopleSoft for improved transparency and control.

Automated Analytics and Reporting

Only an integrated project success platform like Oracle’s can ensure timely and reliable performance and status reporting that you can trust. Visualize roll up of all project information on a universal project landing page with fully configurable dashboards, either as agency standards or on a per-user basis. Export reports to spreadsheets, create PDFs, and even automate report delivery to save time and resources.

Partner with Oracle for Future Project Success

Oracle Construction and Engineering provides a modern, secure, and cost-effective suite of cloud solutions that enable agencies to deliver value faster with lower IT costs. Our team can help you identify a path forward, including deployment strategies and business case justification. Partner with the most trusted project success platform so that your constituents and stakeholders are confident that their capital improvements and programs will be delivered as promised.

Ready to dramatically improve your project delivery capabilities?