Secure your federal program data with Aconex for Defense

Orchestrate programs with efficiency, transparency, and performance. Aconex for Defense is the only modern program management and collaboration application for construction and engineering missions to have achieved both FedRAMP Moderate and DISA Impact Level 4 authorizations.

Oracle Aconex for Defense achieves DISA Impact Level 4 provisional authorization in addition to FedRAMP certification.

Ensure program excellence and operational readiness

Whether you’re building facilities or fighter jets, bases or weapons systems, Aconex for Defense is a secure cloud program management solution that connects your delivery partners and stakeholders through a centralized cloud application to ensure your mission goals and outcomes are achieved.

Aconex for Defense has achieved DISA Impact Level 4 authorization in addition to it’s FedRAMP certification.

FedRAMP Moderate: Government-wide program approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services where the loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability would result in serious adverse effects on an agency’s operations, assets, or individuals.

DISA Impact Level 4: Additional controls necessary to meet and assure Defense Department’s mission security requirements as set by the Defense Information System Agency.

Additional security details:

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Rapid remediation

Secure correspondence and communication

Timely correspondence is key to the success and on-time delivery of any program. Aconex for Defense is a centralized place to easily track communications, keeping all project team members up to date on progress and helping to avoid bottlenecks. Drive accountability with a permanent record of all related correspondence in one place.

  • Custom fields can be figured to specific process
  • Restricted fields protect sensitive information
  • Correspondence threading tracks process and decision flows

Common data environment

Oracle Aconex is part of Oracle’s common data environment—a single, central platform that connects teams, processes, and project data, ensuring a single source of project truth where project participants only have access to what they are authorized to access.

Trust, adoption, and accountability

The unique data ownership model and rigorous security protocols build trust, driving greater adoption, which yields more project data and insights for proactive decisions at speed. Track and capture every project decision, ensuring accountability and minimizing disputes.

Visible and accessible

The document register makes it easy to find relevant documents available for users to access. The advanced, metadata-based search engine makes locating relevant and complimentary documents quick and easy.

Model viewing

View 3D models, import, and open Revit files directly within Aconex for Defense without the need for additional software or plug ins. Aconex for Defense complies with the latest BIM standards, which can mitigate project risk and save time and money.

Supplier documents

Suppliers can submit documents for review, and you can request documents from other organizations or from users within your own organization.

Anytime, anywhere access

Capture, track, and share information anytime, anywhere from a browser or mobile app. View the latest set of drawings and 3D models, collaborate in real time, access the latest data. Oracle Aconex Mobile is fully integrated with Aconex for Defense, providing a single project record.

Prevent delays and improve visibility

Automate and standardize with a digital process that provides project-wide access and visibility. Help ensure best practices are followed, configure and control information to drive faster process turnarounds, and get the right information to the right people.

  • Configure workflow to match your business process
  • Quickly deploy template-based workflows
  • Gain visibility of who owns the action due
  • View disposition history in the audit trail

Highly flexible workflow engine

Efficiently manage end-to-end construction processes and workstreams across the project lifecycle with a complete project delivery solution. Aconex for Defense provides deep functionality with dedicated modules for specific process flows including model coordination, cost, and field processes.

A secure, central platform to manage bids

Reduce manual input and complexity with a structured and consistent framework for the bidding process. Use documents already in the document register, and issue bid invitations to Aconex for Defense users with direct and secure access to all documentation and communication via automated notifications.

Powerful tracking and visibility

Stay up to date with clear visibility into the status of tenders. All information is created and captured in one place. Track which bid recipients have viewed the invitation, receive notifications when responses are submitted, and manage communication promptly and confidentially with a secure audit trail of each bid.

Aconex Defense benefits

01Security matters

In 2021 there were almost 1,900 data compromises and nearly 300 million people exposed. Stealing data on construction and engineering projects can be more serious than just disrupting the schedule. Preventing bad actors from obtaining information keeps them from disrupting our economy, democracy, and even our national security.

02Boost productivity with mobile access

71 percent of global web traffic is done on mobile devices and tablets according to a study. Frankly, most people expect that they can access everything from the technology device in their pocket. Program managers are more productive with mobile access to the information they need, whenever they need it.

03Data drives decisions at speed

Access to accurate information can mitigate delays, rework, and cost overruns. Connecting teams and stakeholders to correspondence, drawings, specifications, or 3D models keeps programs running smoothly, and produces better outcomes.

04Connect and collaborate

Construction and engineering programs involve multiple agencies and DOD partners. Modern methods of communication and collaboration ensure visibility and action, keeping programs on-track and preventing waste.

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Drive more predictable defense program outcomes

Cross-organizational collaboration, document controls and workflow automation in a secure cloud solution for project management. With a FedRAMP and DISA authorized application for construction and engineering project management, owners and their delivery partners have access to a single source of truth, data access and visibility to make proactive decisions that drive program performance for on-time and on-budget delivery.

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