Sustainable Products

Designing Sustainable

Supporting Green Business Practices

Oracle develops a range of software and hardware solutions that help companies better execute and measure their sustainability initiatives.

Leading businesses recognize that environmental responsibility is good business. Oracle operates its business according to environmental best practices, and we develop products and services that support sustainability operations and initiatives. These development efforts are informed by customer needs, as well as our own, and we use the products ourselves.

Because Oracle technologies evolve rapidly, we are intentionally not presenting details regarding our sustainability solutions here. For the most complete and current information available, including case studies on how Oracle products are helping customers meet their environmental objectives, visit the following websites:

Sustainability Solutions

Every year, we honor customers that use our products to reduce their environmental footprint and simultaneously lower costs. The awards are presented during Oracle OpenWorld by Jeff Henley, Oracle vice chairman of the Board.

The 2014 Sustainability Innovation Award winners included Cox Enterprises, Safe Water Kenya, Sprint, and Unilever.

Sustainability Innovation Awards

We have a number of partners that help our customers with their sustainability initiatives. Many of these partners provide end-to-end IT and business consulting and support services to organizations from a variety of industries and regions. These partners provide an array of services to help organizations achieve their sustainability goals, from environmental consulting and audit services to providing greenhouse gas emission reporting products.

Oracle's Sustainability Partners
Walmart Drives Sustainability with Oracle RightNow
Walmart Drives Sustainability with Oracle RightNow

The Oracle RightNow platform gave us the flexibility, capacity, and tools that we needed to build, our efficient supplier engagement platform. We partnered with Oracle partner Solutions 4 Retail Brands to leverage the Oracle Service Cloud to engage thousands of suppliers across hundreds of products and categories.

—Robert Kaplan, Director, Product Sustainability, Walmart Stores, Inc.

Ricoh Europe Drives Sustainability with Oracle Cloud
Ricoh Europe Drives Sustainability with Oracle Cloud

We have accomplished our goals while reducing our CO2 emissions and will continue to review and increase value for our clients, employees, and the environment into the future.

—Ian Winham, CIO and CFO, Ricoh Europe

Sustainable Value Chain: A Discussion with Two Universities
Sustainable Value Chain: A Discussion with Two Universities

Oregon Health Sciences University and Western University are examples of how IT solutions help schools reduce their environmental footprints while simultaneously reducing supply chain costs.

Products Made Sustainably

Product Design

Sustainable Product Design

Oracle offers US Environmental Protection Agency ENERGY STAR-qualified products. Visit to learn more.

We are committed to reducing, and where possible removing, potentially hazardous substances from our products. For example

  • Most of our hardware products use lead-free solder on their printed circuit boards
  • Our monitors and displays use less mercury than the amount allowed by the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive 2011/65/EU

Product Manufacturing

Sustainable Product Manufacturing

As a hardware manufacturer, Oracle minimizes its environmental impact by adhering to green business practices in the following areas:

In 2013, we consolidated manufacturing operations at one of our North American factory locations. As a result, we streamlined the transfer of parts and products between facilities and subsequently reduced our carbon emissions.

Product Packaging

Sustainable Product Packaging

Oracle’s product packaging meets the following criteria:

  • It is safe and high quality
  • It does not use excess materials or materials that contain lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, or chlorofluorocarbons, and it does not generate electronic waste
  • It uses kraft (i.e. brown) corrugated cartons in lieu of white, bleached cartons that can release chlorine compounds
  • It can be easily recycled
  • It adheres to the applicable requirements of European Union Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste

In 2013, packaging and printed materials waste decreased subsequent to consolidation of some manufacturing operations at one of our North American factory locations.

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