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Oracle License Management Services

Benefits for Long Term Value

Enterprises today are increasingly aware that a critical component of a successful IT deployment is properly managing the IT assets. Through the use of Oracle License Management Services, you gain the knowledge and information necessary to realize the following benefits.

Understand IT Asset Ownership, Contract Rights and Limitations

Enterprise IT assets can be complex. By understanding exactly what your contract entitlement allows you to do—and also what you cannot do—you'll be better informed and able to reap maximum benefit from your Oracle assets.

Monitor and Optimize IT Asset Utilization and Entitlement

Understanding the terms of your agreement is just the beginning. You'll also be able to effectively monitor your utilization and optimize your IT asset entitlement to account for this usage. Effectively managing your IT assets in this way can have a significant impact on your TCO and IT asset costs.

Understand Your IT Assets and Budget Implications for Upcoming Projects

When planning future developments, you'll be better equipped to understand the impact of IT requirements and plan for budget implications. This will ensure more-informed decisions and wise money management.

Identiify Potential Deficiencies in Meeting Regulatory Mandates

You will gain insight into how well you are meeting current regulations and can put procedures in place to address your corporate governance needs.

Ecpert Advice You Can Trust

By engaging with Oracle License Management Services, you gain optimal IT asset utilization; improved efficiencies throughout your procurement, legal, and IT operations; and enhanced governance of your Oracle assets. By working as your business partner, the Oracle License Management Services team educates, equips, and enables you to better manage your Oracle IT assets.

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