Fluke ecommerce revenue skyrockets with Oracle-powered campaigns

Leading industrial test equipment manufacturer gains insights into buyer purchase behavior using Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.


Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation has been a game changer in increasing sales for us. This robust tool gave us a deep understanding of buyer needs and preferences, and we have been able to increase revenue 8X as a result. We have hit the jackpot with Eloqua.

Katrina LeafSenior Manager, Global Email and Marketing Automation, Fluke

Business challenges

Founded in 1948, Fluke is a world leader in electronic measuring and monitoring. Industries around the globe rely on Fluke to supply products and equipment for electronic installation, maintenance, precision measurement, and quality control. Every new manufacturing plant, office, hospital, or facility represents another potential customer for Fluke products.

Fluke’s most significant sales channel is through its distribution network, with ecommerce being the latest add-on. In early 2020, Fluke defined an ambitious goal to expand its ecommerce channel revenue by approximately 600%. To achieve this target, the company needed a customer-centric ecommerce strategy that would attract new prospects, convert prospects into customers, and retain customers for repeat purchases.

The company selected Shopify as its ecommerce platform for its ease of use and quick implementation. However, Fluke’s team  needed to integrate with a more powerful marketing automation tool to meet the ecommerce revenue targets. Fluke either had to delay the project, or find an intelligent solution that would leverage the Shopify platform.

Why Fluke chose Oracle

After speaking with customers and prospects, Fluke looked to improve in three areas: engagement, adoption, and retention. Fluke selected Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation because its capabilities aligned directly with company goals. Oracle Eloqua’s ability to understand customers’ needs and the role email plays in the buying process allowed Fluke to tailor marketing campaigns to each unique customer.


Using Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation as the prime marketing automation tool for boosting ecommerce volumes, Fluke was able to create relevant, tailored, and targeted email campaigns that led the company to accomplish its revenue goals. Integrating the marketing channel Oracle Eloqua with the sales channel Shopify, Fluke increased ecommerce revenue by 800% in 2020.

The targeted marketing strategy that Fluke deployed through Oracle Eloqua, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, resulted in several benefits. To meet its ambitious revenue targets the company created a compelling engagement strategy for its customers, using personalized emails with targeted keywords in the subject lines and enticing them to come back to the ecommerce channel. As a result, Fluke increased its repeat customer rate by 52%.

Fluke was able to easily deploy these content and data-driven marketing tactics in a short span of time, based on Oracle Eloqua’s seamless email marketing campaign management features, which focus on improving lead engagement, ultimately resulting in more sales. In 2020, the company improved lead qualification rates by double digits and reduced the number of leads that didn’t respond by email or phone.

Taking advantage of post-purchase expectations of consumers through educational content coupled with user-generated content as well as a product-specific coupon, Fluke increased its email unique open rate from 10% to 26%.

To maximize customer retention, Fluke built a Shopify integration into Oracle Eloqua. Based on the insights and segmentation gained from Oracle Eloqua, the company engaged customers through dynamic and personalized content. It provided a thank-you communication, which contributed to the doubling of the repeat customer rate. The company augmented its average items per order and boosted ecommerce transaction volumes 7.8 times per month by using social and emotional messaging in its email campaigns.


Fluke worked with Oracle Certified Partner 4Thought Marketing to build the integration between Shopify and Oracle Eloqua, loading Shopify with transactional data from Oracle Eloqua and creating targeted customer segments based on order history.

Published:February 11, 2022