Inoapps turns to Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM to reimagine business operations

The leading Oracle technology and applications partner invests in the power and potential of Oracle Cloud to secure its future.


We will always look to Oracle first. We run our business on the same Oracle software as our customers and we've been very happy with our investment. It has absolutely enabled us to grow at scale without having to reimplement.

Debra LilleyVice President, Delivery Growth and Excellence, Inoapps

Business challenges

Founded in 2006, Inoapps is an independent Oracle partner focused exclusively on delivering Oracle Cloud applications and technology ranging from on-premises solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS systems. The company’s service portfolio also includes advisory consultancy, transformational implementations, enterprise change management, hosting services, training, managed support services, and its own products.

Inoapps was aiming to double its size over several years and had secured a private equity investment to fund its growth plans. However, the company wanted to adopt a modern technology foundation to improve decision-making and bolster its ability to obtain the additional financing required to expand.

When the company got its start, it ran solely on Excel spreadsheets, which were eventually replaced by internally-written Oracle APEX database applications. The company’s recruiting processes were also in need of transformation, because Inoapps was paying large sums of money to many agencies to source staff. The company reached the point where it saw potential for big savings by implementing technology and employing talent acquisition experts internally.

Why Inoapps chose Oracle

The company selected Oracle Cloud Applications due to Oracle’s status as a large and trusted IT vendor, its global reach, and ability to help customers scale.


Initially, Inoapps implemented Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) and integrated the applications with some of its original APEX applications portfolio. The company later added Oracle Analytics and Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), allowing it to run scenario planning and budgeting for both the financial and people side of the organization. This was a crucial element in helping Inoapps secure the additional funding needed to further expand the business. It subsequently added Oracle Recruiting and Oracle Learning modules, both part of Oracle Cloud HCM. The recruitment module saved the business tens of thousands of dollars in agency fees and commissions.

Inoapps also removed the risk that came with running multiple payroll systems. Inoapps used five different payrolls to compensate its nearly 600 employees. Rather than manually create files for individual payroll providers, the company tapped Oracle Payroll to generate those files. This saved the human resources team from spending days every month creating and keying in that data, with the potential for creating human errors.

After switching from spreadsheets to modern Oracle Cloud applications, managers now have detailed insights into performance across the company and instant access to operational data, enabling them to make faster decisions.

Published:March 10, 2023

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Inoapps professionals are experts in Oracle applications, technology, and hardware. The company works to deliver operational excellence to its customers and help them maximize the benefits of an investment in Oracle technology.