Oracle APEX - Collateral

Technical information

  • Check the Release Notes to learn about the new features, privacy notice and other information.
  • Interactive Reports Discover many of techniques available within Interactive Reports. Based on a simple SQL statement, Interactive Reports allow end-users to manipulate the data and customize the report.
  • Working with SQL Developer Oracle SQL Developer is also developed within the Oracle Database Tools group. Learn how you can utilize this free tool to increase your productivity when developing with Application Express.

Technical Papers

  • Extending Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 using Oracle APEX Revision 4.3 - October 2023

    When upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite R12 many customers have had issues with customizations they performed in prior releases that were implemented in an unsupported manner. Use this white paper to learn how to extend Oracle E-Business Suite R12 in a fully certified manner that makes adopting future patches or upgrades very easy.

    Also review Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite 11g and R12 with Oracle Application Express[PDF] by Rod West, Cabot Consulting

  • Understanding the Oracle APEX Application Development Lifecycle Version 3 - October 2022

    The development lifecycle is the process of periodically selecting a set of features and bugs that will improve your app, dividing the work among teammates, and testing the result before releasing the app to end users. This technical paper explains different aspects of the APEX application development lifecycle and highlights their use in popular development lifecycle solutions like GitLab, GitHub, and Jenkins, with pointers to additional targeted solutions like Jira for issue tracking and Oracle OCI Dev Ops for build automation on Oracle Cloud.


The powerpoints below allow you to build your own presentation, pulling just the slides you need. The Project Tasks spreadsheet is useful for demonstrating creation of an application from a spreadsheet together with Interactive Report functionality.


Oracle APEX is a fully supported no-cost option of the Oracle Database. Therefore, your Oracle Database maintenance agreement also covers support for Oracle APEX. Oracle's Lifetime Support policies maximize your investment protection and provide peace of mind knowing that we'll be there to support you.

Release General Availability Date Support Ends
24.1 June 2024 Dec 2025
23.2 Nov 2023 May 2025
23.1 May 2023 Dec 2024
22.2 Nov 2022 Dec 2024
22.1 May 2022 Dec 2024
21.2 Nov 2021 Nov 2024
21.1 May 2021 May 2024
20.2 Oct 2020 Dec 2024
20.1 Apr 2020 Dec 2024
19.2 Nov 2019 Nov 2024