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Automatisieren und optimieren Sie mit fortschrittlichem Außendienstmanagement

Oracle Field Service transformiert das Kundenerlebnis und die Effektivität sowie Produktivität Ihres Kundenservice für den Außendienst. Diese konfigurierbare Lösung, die auf zeitbasierter, selbstlernender und vorausschauender Technologie basiert, plant und optimiert die Arbeit automatisch auf der Grundlage Ihrer individuellen Anforderungen und behält einen Echtzeitüberblick über das Feld. Mit den bewährten KI- und maschinellen Lernfunktionen von Oracle kann sich das System spontan anpassen. Fördern Sie Ihre Mobile Workforce mit webbasierten, iOS- und Android-Anwendungen und informieren Sie Ihre Kunden über den gesamten Service-Lebenszyklus.

Oracle Field Service Features and Benefits:

  • Routing and scheduling: Improve service with the industry’s most powerful routing engine. Automatically assign work without human intervention. Assign jobs based on skills, location, availability and contractual agreements.
  • Technician enablement: Equip the field with a configurable, mobile solution that supports the most complex business requirements. Increase field productivity with the right tools and information in an easy-to-use mobile application.
  • Customer communication: Automate communication with the customer before, on the day of, and after the appointment. Improve customer satisfaction by notifying customers via their preferred channel. Receive real-time customer feedback.
  • Manage and help your workforce: Improve field resource compliance with real-time monitoring. Schedule resources in a timely and efficient manner. Respond to changes in the field by leveraging the real-time location of each resource.
  • Team collaboration: Streamline communication between the back office, management and field. Enable the field to share inventory and location while communicating with peers, supervisors and the help desk.
  • Capacity management: Optimize with capacity-based booking and real-time maps to view available capacity. Understand how much work can be completed each day based on available resources, skills, work zones and work types.
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Product Features

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Use machine learning and AI to get the right person to the right place at the right time. Optimize scheduling with the fastest, most efficient automation engine available.

Core Manage

Manage field operations centrally with a real-time view of the field. Improve visibility, on-time arrival, and efficiency.


Empower field employees with everything they need to succeed at their fingertips. Choose from a browser-based mobile, iOS, or Android app.

Third-Party Workers

Seamlessly manage your in-house technicians, contractors, and contingent workers on a unified interface. Be prepared with a flexible contingent worker option.

Customer Communication

Proactively inform customers, teams, and coworkers about the status of appointments with predictive job alerts across channels. Improve customer satisfaction.


Contextually connect field employees for instant peer-to-peer communication, knowledge sharing, and work independence.

Smart Location

Monitor the real-time location and compliance of all field resources.


Understand future field resource demand with predictive forecasting tools. Ensure that you’re always prepared.

Capacity Management

Get accurate field capacity information based on available resources, their skills, work zones, and work types.

Real-Time Traffic and Street-Level Routing

  • Automatically update travel time with real-time traffic and travel conditions.
  • Leverage travel data from your map provider to optimize your mobile workforce.
Erfolge mit Oracle Field Service



Oracle Field Service und KI führen zu Erfolg bei BSH



Die BSH, einer der weltweit größten Hersteller von Haushaltsgeräten mit 6 Millionen Reparaturen pro Jahr, setzt Techniker durch Digitalisierung und KI effektiver ein.


VOO steigert Installations- und Reparaturaktivitäten mit Oracle Field Service



Als VOO erkannte, dass die Effizienz der Belegschaft gesteigert werden musste, steigerte es die Produktivität der Techniker und verkürzte die Reisezeit.

DISH Network-Logo

Wie sich DISH Network immer wieder neu erfunden hat


DISH Network

Indem DISH seine Kunden in den Mittelpunkt stellt, hat es einen Umbruch in der Telekommunikationsbranche herbeigeführt und dabei weitere Märkte verändert.

Schenck Process-Logo

Wirtschaftsingenieurunternehmen entscheidet sich für integriertes CRM für Kundenerlebnisbedürfnisse


Schenck Process

Erfahren Sie, wie Schenck Process den Außendienst mit einer einzigen globalen Ansicht der Kundeninformationen verbessert hat.

Securitas Direct erfüllt die Kundenerwartungen mit Oracle-Logo

Securitas Direct erfüllt die Kundenerwartungen mit Oracle


Securitas Direct

Erfahren Sie, wie dieses europäische Sicherheitsunternehmen die Oracle Field Service Cloud implementiert, um die Effizienz zu verbessern und einen hervorragenden Kundenservice bereitzustellen.


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See what's included with your monthly subscription.


$100.00 USD


  • Core Application
  • Suite Configuration
  • Interactive Viewing
  • Activity Status Management
  • Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Crew/teamwork support
  • Integrated GIS/Mapping
  • Offline Support
  • Multi-language & time zone support
  • Resource & activity location
  • Historic GPS location
  • Resource Proximity
  • Idle time alerts
  • Access to Android and iOS apps
  • Routing
  • Configurable route plans and run intervals
  • Collaboration
  • Individual & group collaboration
  • Activity & inventory sharing and reassignment
  • Message broadcasting, nearby resources
  • REST/SOAP and Metadata API availability


$225.00 USD


Includes Oracle Field Service Professional plus the features shown below:

  • Capacity and Quota Management
  • Visibility into workforce capacity
  • Ability to manage quota
  • Capacity categories
  • Time-slots management
  • Forecasting
  • Data import/export
  • Graphical and tabular viewing
  • Planning mode
  • Street Level Routing2
  • Real-time traffic and traffic layers
  1. For additional pricing information, contact us.
  2. Requires Google or Baidu Maps