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Oracle Hospitality for Sports and Entertainment—Simphony First Edition Suites Management

Streamline Suites Management

Manage suite operations, stay in contact with your customers, and streamline your revenue with Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition Suites Management, specifically designed for sporting and event venues. Available in US and Canada only.

Simphony First Edition Suites Management

Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition Suites Management performs suite management tasks, including setting up events, suites, owners, and entering pre-event orders.

Suites Management Made Simple

Suites Management Made Simple

  • Assign one or more owners to a suite or multiple suites to a single owner
  • Place advance orders and create production reports for kitchens prior to an event
  • Create standing orders and view ordering history by suite or owner
  • Add additional items during the event and offer different price points for advance and event day ordering
  • Export sales to an accounts-receivable system for collection of payments after an event

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