Utilities Network Management System

Monitor and manage every aspect of your system, from distribution to customer-owned grid edge devices. Partner with Oracle to improve reliability and performance across your territory when it matters most.

A grid operator's guide to DERMS

Deploy an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) for easier monitoring and control

Automate to stay ahead of growing complexity in your network

Create a central point for monitoring and control across diverse energy networks, even as grid edge devices proliferate.

Explore Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) from Oracle

Streamline distributed energy resource management

Extend visibility down to customer-owned grid edge DERs. Increase the efficiency of your entire network and reduce disruption and safety issues caused by the variability and intermittency of renewable generation.

Explore Distribution Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) from Oracle

Weather the next storm with confidence

Restore outages faster, integrate emergency and mutual-aid crews, and get accurate information to customers.

Explore Outage Management System from Oracle

Simplify OT device integration for today’s smart grid

Communicate across network devices with an operational technology message bus (OTMB) for real-time integration that is secure, reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient.

Explore Live Energy Connect

“We’re talking outages that impact thousands of customers restored in a matter of a couple of minutes, whereas historically it would have been a couple hours before we got anyone in to look at it.”

Dan Munkers

Senior Manager, Distribution System Operations, Evergy

Provide turnkey ICCP connectivity

Meet real-time reporting and control requirements in all North American ISOs and RTOs.

Explore ICCP Services (PDF)

Connect your systems using your protocol of choice

Tap into native support for a broad range of protocols, from ICCP to DNP 3.0.

Explore Industry Protocol Support (PDF)

Control the modern, distributed grid

Manage the complex systems of today's grid with embedded SCADA.

Explore SCADA from Oracle (PDF)
Evergy creates a system for operational data and remote controls at a fraction of time and cost
Northern Ireland Electricity Networks improves network reliability and outage restoration times
LG&E/KU’s distribution automation project prevents 125,000 customer interruptions
Operational data available in visual views helps operators get the lights back on more quickly
United Energy drives performance with ADMS, FLISR, and OMS

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Changing grid topologies require a new approach to OT architectures

Utilities are turning to the OTMB to address current operational needs and create a scalable platform for the future.

How an operational technology message bus helps operators scale their real-time networks

Get ahead of the accelerating complexity and scale of devices, data, and distributed generation on the smart grid.

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