Differentiate and Increase Service Revenue with Digital Field Service

In today's competitive market, service is becoming a key battleground, point of differentiation, and revenue growth driver for manufacturers and service providers alike. Oracle's innovative Digital Field Service (DFS) solution for asset and service-intensive industries represents a breakthrough in the ability to deliver an integrated platform for differentiated service business. Oracle’s innovative Digital Field Service (DFS) solution for asset and service intensive industries represents a break-through in the ability to deliver an integrated platform for differentiated service business.

Oracle's innovative Digital Field Service (DFS) is a cloud-based solution, combining the emerging technologies of IoT and Big Data analytics, with optimized mobile service scheduling and knowledge management, in a platform for the modern service economy.

Digital Field Service Capabilities


IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud

IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud provides real-time insights from connected assets.


Engagement Cloud

Engagement Cloud to win and retain more business.


Oracle Field Service

Oracle Field Service to empower you to solve business problems while enabling your field service organization.

Featured Products


Oracle IoT Cloud Suite

Gain new, data-driven insights and drive actions by connecting, analyzing, and integrating device data into your fleet.


Oracle Logistics Cloud

Manage all warehousing needs and transportation modes within and across borders to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance.


Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Build and deploy mobile apps and intelligent chatbots that connect to any back-end system with Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise.

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Key Business Benefits

You can plan, optimize, monitor, and execute the flow of goods through the supply chain while delivering profitable revenue growth and reduced costs.

  • Provide better situational awareness by tracking cargo condition and location at all times
  • Increase customer satisfaction with intelligent chatbots to handle customer requests more quickly
  • Improve efficiency of operations by providing accurate ETAs
  • Reduce asset loss through tracking vehicle assets and generating alerts on geofenced locations
  • Improve fleet maintenance with proactive, predictive, and prescriptive maintenance alerts
  • Enable faster dispatch with intelligent routing and fleet availability tracking