Oracle Automotive Industry Solution—Connected Digital Innovation

Connected Digital Innovation

The digital age is transforming how manufacturing and high technology companies innovate today. Digitization is shrinking product lifecycles and forcing new ways to innovate faster. To succeed, companies need to adapt and execute faster than the competition. Oracle's Connected Digital Innovation solution is a modern cloud platform that enables a digital thread to track the product lifecycle, from idea inception through release, in-field use, and service. This closed-loop innovation cycle integrates quality data, user feedback, Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled product usage analysis, and collaboration across the value chain. The result is a reduction in the time it takes to get the right products and services to market at the right time while improving quality and customer satisfaction.

Oracle's Connected Digital Innovation solution is a complete cloud platform that can augment or completely replace your current business systems.

  • Oracle Innovation Management Cloud helps to build an innovation pipeline fueled by ideas collected from customers, partners, and suppliers, along with IoT data for product usage, new requirements, and product concepts
  • Oracle Product Development Cloud helps to efficiently develop and manage new products and sustain engineering iterations
  • Oracle Product Data Hub Cloud securely controls your enterprise product data and processes and helps to rapidly commercialize products for globalized manufacturing and multichannel commerce
  • Oracle Quality Management Cloud drives best practices from issue to resolution with a unified platform for enabling quality, visibility, collaboration, and execution
  • Oracle Project Management Cloud helps to plan and manage all innovation, design, product release, quality management activities, and resources with integrated project management
Key Business Benefits
Key Business Benefits iconKey Business Benefits

Can you innovate?

Oracle provides a single cloud platform to digitally connect feedback, innovation, engineering, quality, and product release activities and information across the business value chain to:

  • Improve speed to market for new product introductions
  • Improve margins and increase market share by getting new products to market faster
  • Compress cycle times and reduce data errors through digital release and automation
  • Reduce costs through faster identification and resolution of quality issues
  • Proactively identify and resolve quality issues to improve customer satisfaction