Oracle Automotive Industry Solution—Smart Connected Factory

Smart Connected Factory

In today's competitive environment, brands are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance product quality. Oracle provides a modern platform to collaboratively manage and improve your manufacturing processes. By connecting devices to the process, Oracle's Smart Connected Factory solution helps consumer product companies better predict and resolve maintenance requirements, correlate quality issues to machine and environmental factors, reduce downtime, and improve quality.

Leveraging a modern cloud platform, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, big data analytics, predictive intelligence, and cloud supply-chain tools, Oracle helps companies modernize their production and supply chain processes to competitively meet current and future requirements including:

  • Improving visibility to cost, efficiency, and quality across factories
  • Monitoring production performance and predicting maintenance
  • Monitoring assets and predicting failure
  • Monitoring quality and applying best practices training
Key Business Benefits
Key Business Benefits iconKey Business Benefits

Can you improve visibility to cost and quality across the factory?

  • Reduce maintenance downtime and associated costs
  • Improve quality by proactively understanding root issues and quality problems
  • Improve efficiencies and resolve issues sooner through predictive insight
  • Improve performance through improved visibility of KPI's and comparative benchmarks
  • Become more competitive through improved yield, quality, flexibility, and efficiencies