Oracle Automotive Industry Solution—Smart Connected Warehouse

Smart Connected Warehouse

Smart Connected Warehouse

Oracle’s Smart Connected Warehouse provides a 360° view of your warehouse operations.

Consumer demand volatility, human errors and market competition are constantly putting pressure on your environment to improve efficiencies, quality & safety. Oracle provides a modern platform to collaboratively manage and improve your warehouses operations by connecting equipment, quality sensors and workers to the warehouses process.

Oracle’s Smart Connected Warehouse helps to better predict maintenance, quality issues, reduce downtime, improve inventory, space optimization, product traceability and 360° view of operations. Specifically, the solution enables cost-effective supply chain management including support for warehouse locations, distribution centers, in-store locations, efulfillment centers, outlets, depots, liquidation centers, service centers, and everywhere in between. It provides total inventory management from source to consumer. It enables enhanced real-time inventory visibility to storefront and backroom inventory. Connected to the store point-of-sale system, the solution notifies you when each in-store SKU needs to be replenished—based on inventory levels you set yourself. True SKU visibility across the entire network of stores allows retailers to fulfill orders from anywhere based on end-client preferences.

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