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Oracle Acme Packet Platforms

Service Provider Platforms

Designed for stringent service provider requirements, Acme Packet platforms provide high performance and availability with proven session-delivery functions.

  • Acme Packet 4600 hardware features.

  • Acme Packet 6100 hardware features.

  • Acme Packet 6300 hardware features.

  • Acme Packet 6350 hardware features.



  • Acme Packet 4600, 6100, 6300, and 6350 support multiple session control products
  • Leverage Oracle's field-proven platform design
  • Acme Packet 4600 delivers 20 Gbps throughput with 1GbE and 10GbE interfaces
  • Acme Packet 6350 supports up to 3M subscribers
  • Acme Packet 6300 and 6350 feature high-capacity transcoding


Technical and Business Benefits

  • Carrier-grade reliability and availability
  • Scalable network performance and capacity
  • Powerful performance in a small package reduces rack space consumption
  • Reduces number of managed network elements
  • Reduces operational costs

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