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Oracle Wins Copyright Case Against Repeat Violator Rimini Street


Yesterday, the United States District Court for the District of Nevada ruled that Rimini Street repeatedly and illegally infringed Oracle’s copyrights, impermissibly removed Oracle’s copyright notices from Oracle software, and made at least 15 types of false statements regarding its support practices. As a result, the Court entered another permanent injunction requiring Rimini to immediately and permanently discontinue use of various support programs while further limiting others. (Review the court's July 24, 2023 permanent injunction (PDF))

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Rimini Street Held in Contempt of Court


Today, in Rimini Street, Inc. v. Oracle International, the District Court for the District of Nevada held Rimini in contempt of court for willfully and repeatedly violating the Court’s 2018 Permanent Injunction to stop violating Oracle’s intellectual property rights. (review the court's January 12, 2022 order (PDF))

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Rimini Street Distorts Court Ruling, Says Up is Down


Rimini Street today took its deceptive business practices described in Oracle’s litigation against Rimini Street to new heights, proclaiming that its unequivocal loss in US District Court was actually somehow a victory. Its recent statement is nothing more than a convoluted attempt at public relations damage control. (review the court's March 31, 2021 order (PDF))

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Court Finds Rimini Street Continues to Infringe and Is Entitled to No Damages


Today, in Rimini Street, Inc. v. Oracle International, the District Court for the District of Nevada ruled decisively in Oracle’s favor on seven separate motions for partial summary judgment, granting in full or in part every Oracle motion and denying in full every Rimini Street motion (review the Court’s September 14, 2020 order (PDF)).

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Court of Appeals Rules for Oracle Affirming Injunction against Rimini Street


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected Rimini Street’s latest attempt to avoid the District Court’s injunction barring Rimini Street from engaging in conduct that infringes Oracle’s intellectual property rights.

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5 Reasons Rimini Street, Other ‘Lower-Cost’ Software Maintenance Providers May Be More Expensive


Third-party enterprise software support companies such as Rimini Street promise to cut business customers’ application update and support prices, but buyer beware: It’s important to review the total costs of such software support services.

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Oracle v. Rimini Street Lawsuit: A Guide


Oracle’s eight-year legal battle with Rimini Street, a third-party provider of software support services, offers some important lessons for both industry players and the business customers they serve.

At the heart of the contentious battle has been whether Rimini Street has infringed Oracle’s copyrights in supporting its own customers, using what Oracle has called “an illegal business model.”

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Court Orders Rimini Street to Comply with Permanent Injunction Prohibiting Further Infringement


On Monday, a federal appeals court rejected Rimini Street’s motion to stay and effectively delay a permanent injunction issued by the Federal District Court in Nevada. That injunction prohibits Rimini Street from engaging in specific unlawful practices in connection with its core business practices as found in Oracle’s 2015 copyright infringement trial against Rimini Street.

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Oracle Will Seek Affirmation of Cost Award in the United States Supreme Court


Today’s United States Supreme Court grant of certiorari in the Rimini Street case is limited to a narrow issue regarding an award of more than $12 million in litigation costs that Rimini Street was ordered to pay to Oracle. This award came after a jury found that Rimini Street infringed 93 Oracle copyrights, and this costs appeal has zero impact on the resolved issue that Rimini Street infringed 93 copyrights and the jury award of compensatory damages.

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Rimini Street Loses Another Court Battle to Oracle While Rimini’s Customers Lose Data Security


A US District Court judge has issued a permanent injunction in favor of Oracle against Rimini Street, prohibiting the third-party provider of enterprise software maintenance services from engaging in certain practices in its dealings with Oracle business customers.

Oracle originally sued Rimini Street and CEO Seth Ravin nine years ago for engaging in what Oracle called “an illegal business model.”

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Oracle Scores Win Over Rimini Street in Latest Court Battle


A federal court has ruled that Rimini Street can no longer use copyrighted Oracle material to support its enterprise software customers through means found to be infringing, and that Oracle is entitled to $28 million to cover its legal fees.

Rimini Street, a third-party provider of software maintenance services, typically downloaded Oracle material using customers’ account information and used that material to maintain their software.

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Federal Court Rules That Oracle Is Entitled to a Permanent Injunction Against Rimini Street and Awards Attorneys’ Fees in Copyright Suit


Today, for the second time, a federal court in Nevada granted Oracle’s motion for a permanent injunction against Rimini Street for years of infringement of Oracle’s copyrights. In an opinion notable for its strong language condemning Rimini Street’s actions, the court made clear that since its inception, Rimini’s business “was built entirely on its infringement of Oracle’s copyrighted software.” In granting Oracle’s motion for its attorneys’ fees to be paid, the court also highlighted Rimini's “conscious disregard” for Oracle’s copyrights and Rimini’s “significant litigation misconduct.”

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Oracle Statement


"We are pleased that the Court of Appeals affirmed the judgment on Rimini Street’s infringement of all 93 of Oracle’s copyrights in this case."

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Court Orders Rimini Street to Stop Unlawful Conduct and Awards Oracle $27.7 Million in Prejudgment Interest


Yesterday, the United States District Court for the District of Nevada issued two significant rulings in Oracle’s litigation against Rimini Street and its CEO Seth Ravin.

The first ruling is a permanent injunction barring Rimini Street from continuing to infringe Oracle’s copyrights and other unlawful acts. The court previously determined that a permanent injunction was warranted, noting Rimini Street’s “callous disregard for Oracle’s copyrights and computer systems when it engaged in the infringing conduct” and that “Rimini’s business model was built entirely on its infringement of Oracle’s copyrighted software and its improper access and downloading of data from Oracle’s website and computer systems.”

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