Personalize your shoppers’ digital experiences

Create highly personalized and relevant shopping experiences by optimizing your customers’ digital journey in real time. Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence uses customer preferences, interest, intent, context, purchase patterns, and more to predict the next best offer, promotion, or action for each person.

How retailers can benefit from Infinity Behavioral Intelligence

01Increase conversion rates

Monitor and capture customer behaviors as they happen and leverage them to personalize the customer experience at scale.

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02Boost customer lifetime value and engagement

Reduce customer churn by providing promotions, content, and product recommendations that resonate best with each individual customer.

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03Improve personalization

Use customer data to better understand their preferences and deliver more relevant omnichannel experiences and messaging.

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04Accelerate ROI from your marketing ecosystem

Take advantage of our built-in integrations, flexible APIs, and data streaming to embed rich behavioral data into your marketing ecosystem for deeper omnichannel personalization and conversion.

How behavioral intelligence powers marketing automation and campaign management

Neostar tracks and segments based on shopper interest with Oracle Marketing

To provide personalized, proactive shopping experiences for their customers, Neostar uses Oracle Marketing to track user behavior on their website and to follow up with relevant products and suggestions within their marketing campaigns. See how they did it.

Infinity Behavioral Intelligence features

Improve digital shopper experiences with advanced real-time personalization.

Testing and personalization

Determine which campaigns work across your digital properties and then build on those experiences.

Commerce heatmaps

Analyze the most impactful areas of your ecommerce website or mobile app to see what visitors are engaging with. Knowing what resonates with them enables you to drive more conversions.

Real-time recommendations

Provide customized product or content recommendations in real time at the right time.

Digital analytics

Leverage an end-to-end view of customer behavior to evaluate your digital campaigns and understand where modifications may be needed.

Predictions powered by AI and machine learning

Gain insights into future customer behavior with calculated propensity scores to predict the likelihood customers convert or reach a specific objective.

Opportunities that increase average order value (AOV)

Determine which actions make an impact and monitor results in real time using dynamically surfaced opportunities.

Improve marketing campaign results and the digital customer experience.

Thought leadership

Personalize customer experiences in real time with Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence

Dave Stark, Product Marketing Manager, Oracle

See how Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence helps your team connect the data dots by bringing customer data and processes together. Turn behavioral data into action and deliver real-time intelligence and personalization.

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