Clinical One

Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One is a standards-driven, interoperable smart platform for your data collection, randomization, and trial supplies management. With Clinical One, you can build and modify studies without deployments, tickets, or downtime; collect data from anywhere and access trial insight anytime; and manage all your integrations in one place.

Clinical One Unified Platform

Clinical One RTSM

Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One RTSM supports randomization strategies for the simplest to the most complex studies without any programming, allowing you to build and modify studies faster than ever. Clinical One RTSM also includes robust supplies management functionality to set up initial strategies fast and change them mid-study without intensive change control processes.


  • Reduced build times
  • Self-service configurations
  • Inventory oversight
  • Real-time drug inventory modifications
  • Mid-study changes
  • Study promotion in seconds

Clinical One Data Collection

Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One Data Collection goes beyond electronic data capture (EDC), enabling you to collect data from any source and harmonize it in a single place. With Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One Analytics, you can draw valuable clinical insights from harmonized data across all your studies.


  • Simple study builds
  • Mid-study, real-time adjustments
  • User-friendly data management interface
  • Streamlined workflow

Get started with Clinical One Analytics

Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One Analytics is a powerful tool that allows you to uncover new insights and make faster, more informed business decisions regarding studies managed in the Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One Platform.


  • Create calculated data elements
  • Dynamically explore multiple data sets
  • Organize visualizations in dashboards
  • Create pixel-perfect and custom subject reports
  • Unlock advanced insights
  • Automatically enrich and analyze data

Clinical One Digital Gateway

Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One Digital Gateway is an easy-to-use interface where you can create, configure, customize, monitor, and manage all your integrations. You can integrate a variety of applications for clinical supply services, as well as EDC systems, using the Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One Platform.


  • Manage an integration and its jobs
  • Monitor reports and jobs for an integration

Start integrating your sensor data

The seamless integration of sensor data is critical to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical decision-making at scale in both research and healthcare. As part of the Sensor Data Integrations project, Oracle collaborated with 11 industry partners and the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe) to curate resources that enable researchers, data scientists, decision-makers, and clinicians to use increasingly ubiquitous sensor data to make better and more reliable decisions faster. The working group conducted three workshops, which entailed deep dives into use cases for care delivery, clinical development, and the integration between these areas. The example data architecture resources below enable you to visualize how the interoperable integration of sensor data across a unified platform can fulfill its promise to improve patient lives.

Maintain safety and quality

In the world of clinical research, speed—while maintaining quality and safety—is critical. But with multiple independent systems, operational effectiveness is a problem. The only way to markedly impact efficiency is to totally rethink the way technology supports the entire clinical trial lifecycle. With Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One Cloud Service (Clinical One), you can reimagine the way technology and information support clinical research. Clinical One is the only truly unified eClinical platform that harmonizes data, streamlines workflow, and saves significant time from study startup to study closeout.

Simplify data collection

With all the siloed systems used to conduct clinical trials today, it is no surprise that the scope and severity of data quality issues is an urgent problem. Clinical data is increasingly inconsistent, incompatible, incomplete, missing, or duplicated. In addition, these issues are exacerbated by the increasing volume and variety of new data now being collected in clinical trials. On top of this, visibility across functions and between sponsors and CROs remains a challenge—data issues can be missed, which can put regulatory approval at risk. With Clinical One, you can collect and manage all your data in one place. No more duplicate data entry, reconciliation, or hidden issues.

Remove redundancies

There is often a focus on isolated processes in clinical research, but to make a significant positive impact, you need to focus on workflow—the sequence of processes through which a clinical trial passes from initiation to completion. Taking this integrated view, you can see where the redundancies, bottlenecks, and slow-downs really are. In today’s multiple-point-solution eClinical environment, study teams manage numerous study builds, multiple validations, and complicated integration requirements, while sites struggle with a myriad of credentials, overwhelming training requirements, and a tsunami of daily email alerts from all of the systems they are required to use to participate in clinical research. With Clinical One, all these issues disappear. One platform, one build, one login, one place.

Accelerate your life sciences business with Oracle’s contract research organization (CRO) growth initiative

To support the needs of today’s clinical trials, and those of the future, you need a platform that is:

01 Unified

Single platform that supports all processes, people, workflow, data, and analytics.

02 Universal

Ingest any data source, format, frequency, and volume connected to any application target.

03 Open

Upstream and downstream integration with legacy systems and wider application ecosystem.

04 Flexible

Configure and scale for traditional, hybrid, or fully decentralized trials and support different patient choices.

Clinical One customer success stories

ObvioHealth partners with Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One to deliver hybrid clinical trials

Virtual research organization ObvioHealth relies on Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One to consolidate complex data for hybrid clinical trials.

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WallabyPhenox turns to Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One to support successful device trials

WallabyPhenox uses Oracle Life Sciences Clinical One RTSM to help secure FDA clearance on its thrombectomy device.

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