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Oracle Autonomous Linux

Eliminate complexity and human error to reduce cost, increase security and availability. The first and only autonomous operating environment, Oracle Autonomous Linux runs on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and provides Red Hat Enterprise Linux application compatibility.

Larry Ellison Autonomous Linux Announcement

See Oracle Chairman and Chief Technology Officer Larry Ellison announce the launch of the world’s first autonomous operating system.

Use Autonomous Linux with OS Management Service

OS Management service can now manage Autonomous Linux instances, along with all your Oracle Linux and Windows Server instances in OCI using a single console.

Oracle Autonomous Linux features

Increased compliance with Autonomous Linux

Every system running Autonomous Linux is patched automatically, so administrators start their day with that part of their workday already complete. This helps keep systems secure and compliant, eliminating the risk of unpatched systems.

Read the IDC Lab Validation Brief (PDF)

Zero downtime patching

Get maximum uptime with minimum administrator effort using Ksplice technology. This allows patching for kernel and key user space libraries without restarting or scheduled downtime, and keeps administrators focused on higher-value projects.

Systems that run themselves

Automatically tune memory management, network algorithms, and disk I/O based on workload, so applications run at higher performance and better reliability. Self-tuning systems means administrators can focus on projects that contribute to the bottom line.

Improves Performance

Application owners get faster applications, because Oracle employs an army of kernel developers to bring performance improvements into the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel. This is the same technology that powers the high performance of Exadata.

Known exploit detection

Administrators and compliance professionals are notified of security attacks against most Ksplice-patched vulnerabilities. This means the security team can take action when intruders are at the door, before they find another way in.

Using Ksplice To Detect Exploit Attempts

Fully compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Easily and confidently move Red Hat Enterprise Linux applications to Autonomous Linux. Enterprises have been running Oracle Linux for over a decade with no compatibility bugs logged.

Read the Oracle Linux FAQ (PDF)

Highest level support included

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure comes with Oracle Linux Premier Support for every instance, at no additional cost.

Learn more about Premier Support (PDF)
Linux logo

Autonomous OS frees IT resources to deliver true competitive differentiation

“Adding autonomous capabilities to the operating system layer, with future plans to expand beyond infrastructure software, goes straight after the OpEx challenges nearly all customers face today,” said Al Gillen, Group VP, Software Development and Open Source, IDC. “This capability effectively turns Oracle Linux into a service, freeing customers to focus their IT resources on application and user experience, where they can deliver true competitive differentiation.”

Oracle Autonomous Linux benefits

  • Secure by default

    When news of new malware or a vulnerability comes out, or stories break of some other enterprise being victims of a known exploit, many IT managers are forced to scramble to ensure their systems are patched and protected. Autonomous Linux users can relax in the knowledge that critical patches have automatically been applied to their systems (without restarting or downtime) so they are always up to date and protected.

  • Increase productivity

    Automatic patching across an enterprise fleet means that IT administrators spend less time doing, checking, and reporting on basic maintenance tasks, and more time focused on high-value projects.

  • Lower costs

    Oracle Autonomous Linux includes Oracle Linux Premier Support at no additional cost. An enterprise that moves every workload to Oracle Autonomous Linux could reduce its IBM Red Hat bill to zero.

    Read the announcement blog

  • Accelerate compliance

    Keeping an operating environment patched to protect against known vulnerabilities is an important and often time-consuming aspect of compliance. Organizations take an average of 67 days to close a discovered vulnerability. Autonomous patching allows IT managers to close this vulnerability window to zero days.

    Read the Edgescan Vulnerability Statistics Report (PDF)


Cloud readiness illustration

Oracle Autonomous Linux on Free Tier

Oracle Autonomous Linux is now an always free-eligible operating system (OS) on OCI. See how this can jump-start development.

Documentation illustration

Oracle Autonomous Linux Documentation

Oracle Linux is the only recommended Linux distribution for Oracle applications and has been engineered to provide the most secure, scalable, and reliable solution for mission-critical workloads.


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