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What Could You Accomplish with the Right Resources?

Accelerate scientific discovery. Collaborate with researchers across the globe. Turn an idea into a startup. Make a real difference.

Cloud Resources for Researchers and University Innovators

Let Oracle’s proven technology accelerate your research while keeping your data private and secure. Researchers, scientists, and university-associated innovators can leverage Oracle Cloud technology and become part of a global community that is working to address complex problems and drive meaningful change in the world.




Leverage the power and security of Oracle Cloud to accelerate discovery. Benefits include:

  • Harness scalable cloud-computing capabilities and advanced analytics for data-intensive research experiments.
  • Conduct benchmarking for research data loads against on-premises, high-performance computing (HPC) solutions.
  • Connect with other research institutions and industry partners.
  • Receive technical assistance with Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure

University Innovators

Turbocharge your pathway from research outcome or idea to startup with Oracle's cloud services, global resources, and expertise. Benefits include:

  • Use Oracle Cloud to build prototypes and create products.
  • Gain access to Oracle Cloud resources for innovation-oriented events, hands-on workshops, and hackathons.
  • Receive technical assistance with Oracle Cloud platform and infrastructure.
  • Make connections with Oracle customers, industry partners, and other academic collaborations


Students looking for hands-on experience with Oracle Cloud for independent learning, research, or innovation are invited to sign up for free Oracle Cloud credits.*

* For startups in qualifying regions.

University Entrepreneurs

Oracle Cloud Technologies

Oracle for Research provides access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Platform technologies, including:

  • Infrastructure—Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, including compute (GPUs on bare metal servers also available), networking, storage, database, DNS, load balancing, and more
  • Application Development—A comprehensive DevOps platform for CI/CD, deep diagnostics for Java applications, microservices or serverless functions development/deployment, plus managed services to fast-track development of applications utilizing IoT, blockchain, digital assistant, and AI and machine learning technologies
  • Oracle Autonomous Database—Self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Big Data/Analytics—Create Hadoop- and Spark-based apps, and stream or manage and deploy dedicated Kafka clusters with elastic scalability

Availability of specific services by country can be found here.

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