Virtual Cloud Network Pricing


Pay a lot less to move your data

Oracle enables customers to control their data and move it where you want it. We operate in a multicloud world where data flows between multiple providers and on-premises environments. Oracle charges some of the lowest networking egress rates as well as charging only by the hour for dedicated connectivity.
Intra-region data movement

There is no charge for data movement within a region (including multiple availability domains/zones), even between services. Other providers can charge for within a region if you use private access, peering, IPv6, load balancers, or if you move between availability zones.

Public internet egress
10 TB/month free

Oracle charges significantly less for data egress over the public internet in all global regions. Customers are not charged for the first 10 TB of data egress per month. Other providers give up to 100 GB free, or none at all.

Dedicated connectivity
Low, per-hour rate

OCI FastConnect dedicated connectivity to on-premises networks or third-party providers only charges a per-hour port fee based on the line speed. (Your interconnecting provider may charge for data usage.)

Site-to-site VPN

Site-to-site VPN is a free service. Pay only data egress charges for use with public internet or per-hour port charges for dedicated connectivity.

Networking is often overlooked in cloud environments. OCI doesn’t charge for intra-region data movement and charges significantly less for data movement between regions or to the public internet. Even a modest amount of data of 500 TB can be costly.