Oracle Talent Management

Take control of every stage of the talent lifecycle. Attract the best candidates, boost productivity, and improve decisions with end-to-end talent management. Source, recruit, onboard, manage performance, develop careers, and plan succession—all in one place.

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  • Announcing new generative AI innovations in Oracle Cloud HCM

    Learn how generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM can help boost employee engagement and workforce productivity.

  • Introducing Oracle Grow for Business Leaders

    For the first time, business-led, HR-architected upskilling in one HCM solution is here.

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Candidate-centric experiences

Simplify candidates’ experiences with no need for them to create an account; enable a digital assistant to instantly answer questions.

Recruitment marketing

Use native CRM tools to attract target talent with personalized landing pages and messages.

Hiring efficiency

Improve and accelerate hiring with AI-powered recommendations, self-scheduled interviews, and data-driven offers.

Internal mobility

Understand the talent across your business and recommend ideal roles to employees, driving career growth and retention.

Greater reach via LinkedIn

Easily review and connect with potential candidates using LinkedIn, without leaving Oracle HCM.


Seamless onboarding

Deliver intuitive, easy-to-follow onboarding with a consistent experience, all in one HCM solution.

Guided onboarding experiences

Drive productivity by providing a digital assistant for easy, step-by-step task completion from any device.

Personalized task management

Share tasks on a personalized to-do list so new hires can find everything they need and take action from one place.


Personalized learning

Deliver personalized and role-based learning recommendations that are based on talent profiles and HCM suite data.

Skills-driven learning

Help employees better qualify for careers of interest and upskill the workforce with learning recommendations and tailored learning campaigns.

One home for all learning

Combine and curate internal, formal, and informal content with external sources in one place.

Built into the talent lifecycle

Embed learning into the employee journey, or allow individuals to discover new courses in a personalized homepage.

Compliance and Reporting

Reduce violations and keep certifications up-to-date by creating, assigning, and tracking training and compliance plans.

Career Development

Career paths

Allow career exploration with the ability to review roles within the organization and discover interesting opportunities.

Development plans

Build meaningful development plans with goals, tasks, and target outcomes tied to roles of interest.

Learning recommendations

Deliver suggested learning aligned to an employee’s development goals and career interests.

Opportunity Marketplace

One-stop shop for career growth

Offer multiple ways to grow by combining job postings, volunteering options, and internal gigs (short-term opportunities) in one place.

Short-term gigs

Give employees new ways to learn skills through internal gigs with different teams and projects across the organization.

Performance Management

Generative AI–assisted goal planning

Embed generative AI into goal planning to help employees create a personalized action plan to achieve their identified goals.

Generative AI–assisted manager performance evaluations

Empower managers to quickly complete more holistic and tailored performance reviews with embedded generative AI.

Goal setting and tracking

Set and track goals aligned with various levels of the organization to support an ongoing performance conversation.


Help teams work toward a common purpose by sharing and collaborating on goals.

Anytime feedback

Give, receive, and request feedback across the organization anytime, using any device.

Continuous performance management

Leverage check-ins and automatic reminders to support continual one-on-one coaching.

All-in-One Evaluations

Provide your managers with a single, consolidated view of the criteria they need to evaluate their team comparatively and equitably.


Global scalability

Analyze, model, budget, and administer an unlimited number of compensation plans locally and globally.

Total compensation

Configure the design, content, and delivery of a total compensation statement, including base pay and incentives.

Pay for performance

Include performance management measures to drive the planning, budgeting, and approval of compensation allocations.

Complete configuration

Turn strategy into execution with flexible compensation planning and modeling to meet changing business requirements.

Succession Planning

High-potential talent insight

Identify your best talent to nurture their growth, build your next generation of leaders, and minimize attrition risk.

Talent dashboard

Leverage a dynamic, highly visual dashboard to guide leadership discussions and maximize the value of talent reviews.

Leadership pipeline management

Use flexible talent pools, succession plans, and analytics to improve leadership pipeline and measure bench strength.

Dynamic Skills

AI-driven skills engine

Leverage AI and automation to continuously keep your organization’s skills up to date and support your talent planning decisions.

Skills-driven talent management

Enhance your recruiting, career development, and learning processes with a talent management system that adapts and responds to your organization’s skills landscape.

Personalized portal

Provide a centralized place for employees and managers to manage skills and recommend actions to drive personal and organizational growth.

Skills analysis

Identify skills gaps, and initiate critical reskilling and upskilling activities to support your strategic goals.

Team Skills Center

Provide your managers with a central place to review, assign, and manage skill development across their team.

  • Oracle Grow named Top HR Product of the Year

    From more than 120 submissions this year, Oracle Grow was selected as a winner.

  • A faster path to HCM success

    Watch Oracle HCM Now in action and learn how companies like yours can implement a complete, connected HCM suite in as little as four months.

Key benefits of Talent Management

  • Attract and retain the right talent

    Deliver remarkable candidate experiences, drive internal mobility, and make smarter hiring decisions.

  • Boost employee engagement and productivity

    Engage your workforce and boost productivity with modern, easy-to-use tools in a single experience across devices.

  • Enhance talent visibility and decisions

    Gain real-time talent visibility to enhance decision-making with a complete, unified solution for talent and HR.

  • Leverage the reach and breadth of LinkedIn

    Extend talent awareness and bolster development with LinkedIn integrations across recruiting, learning, and profile data.

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Talent Management customer successes

The Co-op Modernizes Recruiting with Oracle Cloud

With over 63,000 employees, and a diverse family of retail businesses, The Co-op needed to attract and hire talent faster. The UK based company chose Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud to accelerate their digital upgrade.

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