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Oracle Sustainability Solutions—IT Infrastructure

Create a More Sustainable Future

Energy-Efficient Hardware and Resource Management

IT Infrastructure

Oracle’s IT infrastructure solutions enable you to manage energy use across applications and workloads, easing management burden and improving your environmental footprint. And because IT has it own environmental footprint, Oracle also has programs to take back equipment at the end of its useful life.

Organizations looking to move their on-premises workloads to the cloud can take advantage of the highly efficient Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

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Pollinator populations are on the decline, threatening global food supply and biodiversity. The World Bee Project uses Oracle Cloud to study bee behaviour through sound acoustics, uncover health threats, and help save them.

Redstone Improves Sustainability with Oracle Cloud

Redstone, a digital transformation services provider, was able to save on paper and printing costs, increase employee productivity, and improve sustainability with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.

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