Oracle Private Cloud Appliance 


Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, is an integrated infrastructure system engineered to enable rapid deployment of converged compute, network, and storage technologies for hosting applications or workloads on a guest OS. It is a data center-class system that provides incremental and scalable performance optimized for consolidation of mixed workloads.


What's New

 Announcing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance X8
 Available Now: Automate VM Lifecycle Management on Oracle PCA with Ansible
 Announcing Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Software Release 2.3.3
 Private Cloud Appliance Documentation


 Private Cloud Appliance FAQs
 PCA to Oracle VM Mapping and Supported Storage Devices


 Automate creation of VM from VM Assemblies and VM templates using Ansible on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance
 Deploy application containers using OL CNE on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle Private Cloud at Customer
 Deploy Oracle Weblogic Server on Private Cloud Appliance and Kubernetes
 Automate Infrastructure Lifecycle Management on PCA using Ansible
 Manage Oracle Private Cloud Appliance from within Oracle Cloud
 Expanding Oracle Private Cloud Appliance using Oracle ZFS Appliance
 Deployment of Oracle RAC using VM Templates on Private Cloud Appliance
 Migrating VMs from VMware vSphere to Oracle Private Cloud Appliance 2.3.1

PCA White Papers

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 Evaluator Group Lab Validation: Oracle VM – Quantifying The Value of Application-Driven Virtualization

OVM White Papers that apply to PCA with no changes

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White papers that apply to PCA but also have OVM specific content

 OVM 3 with Oracle ZFSSA: Configuration Best Practices using NFS v4 Protocol (PDF)
 OVM 3: Architecture and Technical Overview (PDF)
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