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Oracle Knowledge Management

Go beyond FAQs and provide personalized, seamless, cross-channel customer service to drive more interactive and beneficial experiences. Knowledge is the cornerstone of exceptional customer service. Providing the right information in an efficient way increases customer satisfaction and loyalty.

See how Oracle Knowledge Management can help you.

Explore Knowledge Management

Knowledge creation and management

Increase the speed at which you develop information to support your customers and call center agents. Create knowledge articles and materials that deliver the best answers quickly with an easy-to-use authoring tool and rich media support.

Content authoring

Gain efficiencies and scale with easy-to-build, point-and-click custom templates that you can use to create announcements, news, FAQs, guides, and more.

Content maintenance

Use a broad set of content contributors to build the best possible knowledge repository. Let your subject matter experts view, comment on, and approve updates using a workflow engine that efficiently manages the content creation process.

Rich media support

Develop and deliver content that best supports your agents and customers. Support a wide variety of content types and custom requirements by easily including video, images, PDFs, and other media, so individuals can pick the type of content that meets their needs in the moment.

Versioning and control

Build additional levels of consistency and quality into your content with a full audit history and comprehensive version control.

Intelligent, contextual search

Get knowledge to all stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, and more) with search that is proactive and intelligent.

Natural language search

Improve search results, increase relevancy, simplify search maintenance, and enable more natural conversations through an automatic understanding of the nature of the question.

Federated search

Search relevant content within multiple data sources at once, including authored knowledge and sources external to the knowledgebase.

Deep search

Ensure that users find the best answer quickly. With a full index of documents and an analysis of document structure, users are led to the exact answer to their question.

Smart excerpts

Go beyond simply delivering the best piece of content. Show relevant excerpts—from within any document type—with the matching words and phrases highlighted so answers appear front and center.

Faceted navigation

Make it easier to fine-tune search results by allowing users to filter and sort results based on specific product attributes.

Global knowledge and language management

Provide global users with a seamless customer experience in various languages, including article translation and language comparison. Easily translate articles across multiple touchpoints with side-by-side translation.

Language support

Reach more of your users in their native tongue with more than 33 supported languages.


Efficiently translate articles to make them available in other languages with side-by-side translation for easy navigation across multiple touchpoints.

Global search

Use cross-lingual search to enable global organizations to leverage knowledge assets in multiple languages.

Single cross-channel knowledgebase

Provide knowledge everywhere—in any environment—on any page, within any app, or across any device.

Unified agent desktop

Provide agents with the knowledge to provide quick and consistent answers and facilitate proactive and reactive service across multiple channels.

Self-service experience

Ensure users can find answers faster than ever with simple, selective browsing that delivers the right knowledge without extensive searching.

Embedded/mobile knowledge

Put knowledge where it’s needed—directly in a product, appliance, game console, or mobile app.


Proactively open chat from the knowledge repository when needed, or directly share answers with customers through chat.

Advanced analytics and insights

Use prebuilt reports for insights into knowledge usage, customer interactions, resolution performance, and any content gaps in your knowledge repository.

Knowledgebase effectiveness

Better understand the effectiveness of your knowledgebase. See which knowledge articles are used to solve customer incidents and which have the lowest or highest deflection rates.

Search analysis

Classify the most and least popular answers. Gain insight into the most- and least-used search terms.

Answer analysis

Discover outdated content by tracking how knowledge is authored and published, learn which articles are most popular by usage, and discover bottlenecks.

Document control reports

Gain insights into the effectiveness of document revisions, updates, and re-approval processes.

Report builder

Create custom reports quickly and easily with the drag-and-drop report builder. Leverage an assortment of prebuilt reports.

Knowledge Management customer successes

Businesses across many industries are reaping the benefits of Oracle Knowledge Management. Review our customer success stories to see how companies of all sizes capture, distribute, and effectively integrate knowledge into their customer service strategy.

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The NRMA improves efficiencies with a comprehensive automotive troubleshooting knowledgebase thanks to Oracle Knowledge Management

Key benefits

  • Better agent experience and reduced agent turnover

    Increase agent satisfaction, decrease agent turnover, and reduce incident handling time in your contact center by providing agents with easy access to the knowledge they need to do their jobs well.

    Oracle Knowledge Management (1:17)

  • Consistent customer experience and speedy issue resolution

    Increase customer loyalty and advocacy with consistent and accurate answers and self-service access to a variety of knowledge and informational materials.

  • High return on investment (ROI)

    Manage your operational costs and consolidate tribal knowledge at scale, while improving your service efficiency to meet your users’ needs.

Key benefits of Oracle Knowledge Management

Don’t Keep Customers Waiting—Provide Answers Right Now

Jodie Knox, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Is your company struggling to navigate the impact COVID-19 is having on your support organization? Here are tips for using 5 Oracle Knowledge Management features to provide answers and guidance to your customers during COVID-19.

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