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Rethink recruiting for the new workplace

Hiring is rebounding, but you need to rapidly adapt to find new ways to appeal to candidates. Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM), can help transform how your organization attracts talent, drives internal mobility, and hires with speed and confidence.

Gartner® positions Oracle Cloud HCM as a Leader

What is Oracle Recruiting?

Oracle Recruiting part of Oracle Cloud HCM, is the most complete and innovative solution on the market. Customers who’ve made the move are sourcing better quality candidates, improving time to hire and reducing recruiting expenses. With Oracle Recruiting, you can:

  • Design tailored candidate experiences to different employment types with personalized career sites, native recruitment marketing campaigns, and intelligent digital assistants.
  • Maintain recruiting productivity from anywhere with candidate recommendations free from bias, analytics that predict future hiring outcomes, and automation tools that simplify job creation, interview scheduling, workflow completion, and more.
  • Connect recruiting with the rest of your HCM ecosystem to understand the skills of your workforce, drive internal mobility, and deliver seamless hiring experiences without integration headaches.

Oracle Recruiting is helping organizations adapt to the new world of hiring by focusing on three key areas:

HR Happy Hour: How to Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Attraction

Hear from Nagaraj Nadendla, SVP of Development, Oracle, on the effects of the Great Resignation, how organizations are responding, and how technology can help.

  • A Guide for Post-Pandemic Recruiting

    Learn about the trends shaping the world of talent acquisition today and what you can do as a candidate, hiring manager, or recruiter to find success.

  • Rethink recruiting for the new workplace

    Learn about the hiring trends impacting organizations today and how Oracle can help.

  • Oracle Cloud HCM and Recruiting Product Tour

    See how Oracle Recruiting and Oracle's suite of HCM solutions are empowering businesses to attract and hire great candidates.

What our customers are saying

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  • Why Macy's Chose Oracle Recruiting?

    Why Macy's Chose Oracle Recruiting?

    Listen to Macy’s Senior Director of HR Technology Andrew Roark discuss the benefits the company gained by moving to Oracle Recruiting.

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  • Why Hearst Chose Oracle Recruiting

    Why Hearst Chose Oracle Recruiting

    Hear from Debra Robinson, SVP/CIO, Oracle technologies and operations at Hearst, as she shares her rationale for migrating from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting.

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  • Why Macy's Chose Oracle Recruiting?

    Why Equity Residential Chose Oracle Recruiting

    Learn from Mark Johnson, director, HCM technology at Equity Residential, as he dives into detail on his decision to choose Oracle Recruiting.

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