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The future of recruiting is already here

Leverage a next-generation solution designed to help you attract the best and the brightest candidates, make data-driven decisions, and unify recruiting with your end-to-end HR process.

What is Oracle Recruiting?

Oracle Recruiting (part of Oracle Cloud HCM) goes beyond traditional applicant tracking to deliver delightful candidate experiences and tools that transform recruiting teams into high-powered hiring machines.

  • Supply candidates with personalized, engaging, and intuitive experiences that resonate by leveraging native recruitment marketing capabilities
  • Simplify processes with smart automation features to streamline hiring and drive efficiency
  • Choose a solution that’s one with your HCM ecosystem, to gain insights across all areas of talent, drive internal mobility, and deliver an experience that’s easy to scale

Why do customers love it?

top 10 reasons to select Oracle Cloud HCM

Oracle Recruiting delivers consumer-grade experiences to candidates through digital assistants, SMS tools, tailored career sites, and a frictionless application process. It allows recruiters to act like marketers, efficiently targeting potential applicants with native recruiting marketing and candidate relationship management capabilities. To drive efficiency and productivity, we provide teams with AI-powered candidate recommendations, time-to-fill predictions, and intelligent automation features, eliminating many common manual processes. Most importantly, Oracle Recruiting is unified with Oracle Cloud HCM, enabling the internal mobility, better talent visibility, new insights, and seamless experience customers receive–free from integration.

Top ATS Solution
Oracle Recruiting Named as Top ATS Solution for 2020

Oracle Recruiting has been recognized in's 2020 list of best applicant-tracking systems as one the most preferred hiring platforms for organizations.

Customer highlights from "Taleo and beyond" Virtual Summit

Why Macy's Chose Oracle Recruiting?

Listen to Andrew Roark, Senior Director, HR Technology at Macy's, to hear best practices and the benefits associated with Macy's move to Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Cloud HCM.

Watch now (1:22)

Why Hearst Chose Oracle Recruiting

Hear from Debra Robinson, SVP/CIO, Oracle Technologies and Operations at Hearst, as she shares her rationale for migrating from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Cloud HCM.

Watch now (1:22)

Why Equity Residential Chose Oracle Recruiting

Learn from Mark Johnson, Director, HCM Technology at Equity Residential, as he dives into detail on his decision to choose Oracle Recruiting, part of Oracle Cloud HCM.

Watch now (1:57)

Cloud HCM customer successes

national instruments
Yum Brands
Oracle SaaS gives us three basic things that we love: scalability, accessibility and mobility.

Andrew Dennan Head of HR Shared Services, Synlait
Demo: Oracle Recruiting candidate experience (12:19)

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Interested in moving from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting?

Oracle Consulting Services can provide you with a smooth and cost-efficient path.

Fall into Fall Webcast Series: A Survival Guide to Recruiting in the New Norm

Join us for this Webcast Series to discover how to address recruiting—from nurturing new talent pools to delivering personalized, engaging, candidate experiences, and leveraging data to make better hiring decisions.

Forrester Positions Oracle Cloud HCM as a Leader

Forrester Positions Oracle Cloud HCM as a Leader

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