Database Upgrades and Migrations

Upgrade to Oracle Database 23ai for the latest capabilities and long-term support. Accelerate upgrades and migrations with a range of database utilities including the AutoUpgrade tool—which can identify and often automatically resolve migration-blocking issues.

  • AutoUpgrade tool

    Upgrade one or many Oracle Databases at the command-line with a single command and a single configuration file.

  • Upgrade and Migration Youtube Channel

    Over 200 training and technical videos on popular topics for Oracle Database upgrades and migrations.

  • Upgrade advice

    Learn everything you need to know about upgrading to Oracle Database 23ai.

Database upgrades and migrations

Complete a simpler, faster, and more predictable upgrade process. Learn more about upgrading Oracle Database with AutoUpgrade by exploring resources, documentation and more.

Hands-free upgrades

Use the Quickstart to plan the upgrade. Upgrade from and higher with the AutoUpgrade Tool using one command and one configuration file, after installing the new binaries and configuring the new release Oracle home(s).

Cloud Migration Advisor

The Oracle Cloud Migration Advisor (CMA) is the best tool for advising you about your migration to Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer, Oracle Exadata Cloud Service, and other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Database services—and more.

CMA collects database metadata details about your current Oracle Database environment, including patch levels. (No business data or customer information is collected.) CMA uses this database metadata to provide detailed technical advice about possible migration targets and methods.

Choose and download the most appropriate metadata collection method for your situation:

The documentation for each method describes how to collect the metadata and share it with your Oracle advisor.

Fast external data ingest

Perform high-speed data filtering and loading from external files into Oracle Database tables using Oracle SQL*Loader Express Mode Loading. Access data in external sources as External Tables from SQL, PL/SQL and embedded SQL.

Hands-On Lab Training

AutoUpgrade: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Oracle Database Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c and 23ai
Practice, explore, and learn about database upgrade and migration to Oracle Database 19c and 23ai with end-to-end application performance testing. Unplug/plug and migrate to Oracle Multitenant. Use the most helpful performance tuning features, including SQL Plan Management, SQL Tuning Advisor, SQL Performance Analyzer, and more. Discover useful performance features and best practices.

Datapatch: Patch Me if You Can
If you patch your Oracle Database in-place, in the existing Oracle Home, you should check out this lab. Discover the differences between in-place and out-of-place patching and try it for yourself. See what needs to be rolled back and how datapatch works.

Data Pump: Cross-Platform Migration
Data Pump full transportable export/import (FTEX) combines the speed of transportable tablespaces (xTTS) with a much easier process for transporting metadata and data from an installed database. It provides a fast migration with the flexibility to change endianness, data layout, character set, encryption, and compression. Try it out and learn how to migrate your database with the PERL V4 scripts.

Move to Oracle Database 23ai

  • Take advantage of new and improved capabilities in Oracle Database Release 23ai

    Oracle Database 23ai offers the productivity, manageability and security benefits of a converged database and the longest term of support.

    Learn about Oracle Database key benefits

  • Move to the long-term supported release of Oracle Database

    The long-term support for Oracle Database 23ai provides the highest level of release stability and longest duration of support and bug fixes, giving you the most stable platform for your applications.

    Learn more about Oracle Database 23ai

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