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Get to Know the Next-Gen Enterprise Manager

Accelerate innovation with the power of AI-based analytics, expanded support for Oracle Autonomous Database, and cloud-guided migrations at your fingertips.

Discover How Oracle Enterprise Manager Can Help You Manage On-Premise and Cloud Database Environments

To help our customers move their Oracle Databases to the cloud more easily, Oracle has introduced significant new enhancements to Oracle Enterprise Manager. Oracle Enterprise Manager now offers simplified management of cloud environments with automated database migrations and a single dashboard that improves visibility, control, and management of on-premise and cloud environments.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Learning Library

Oracle Enterprise Manager Delivers Next-Gen Automation

Oracle Enterprise Manager Delivers Next-Gen Automation

Wim Coekaerts, senior vice president of software development describes key innovations delivered in Oracle Enterprise Manager to help customers easily migrate their databases to the cloud and simplify management of complex IT environments.

Oracle Enterprise Manager: Dashboard for the Modern Database Fleet

Oracle Enterprise Manager: Dashboard for the Modern Database Fleet

New enhancements to Oracle Enterprise Manager make it easier than ever to manage on-premise and cloud environments.

Attend a Deep Dive Webcast

Attend a Deep Dive Webcast

Participate in technical webcasts and virtual workshops on Oracle Enterprise Manager.


“Epsilon runs marketing and loyalty programs for many of the world’s most well-known companies and we depend on Oracle Enterprise Manager to maintain tip-top performance. We are already heavy users of Enterprise Manager’s automation features and regularly perform sophisticated analysis on Enterprise Manager data, so we are excited to leverage the new migration workflows and to use the advanced Exadata analytics features in Enterprise Manager along with the new Grafana plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager.”

—Joe Kopilash, Senior Director, Database at Epsilon



“We depend on Enterprise Manager to optimize our Oracle Database and Exadata fleet, which provides a mission-critical shared service for all of our most important business functions. The latest release of Enterprise Manager allows us to adopt the newest Exadata X8 environments without delay, and to continue to use Enterprise Manager’s comprehensive management automation capabilities across our entire hybrid database fleet..”

—Jones John, Database Services Manager, Technology & Innovation Division at Link Group



“Our key public sector and commercial customers and our own experts use Oracle Enterprise Manager every day to manage their Oracle Database and Exadata fleet. The new Enterprise Manager functionality to ease migration to Oracle Autonomous Database and to apply machine learning analytics to their Enterprise Manager data is precisely what is needed to ensure they can continue to operate seamlessly across their entire database fleet.”

—Erik Benner, Vice President, Enterprise Transformation at Mythics



“We are using Oracle Enterprise Manager to help customers, such as Unicoop Firenze, migrate to and adopt Oracle Autonomous Database. The newest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager builds on Oracle’s best-in-class automation and analytics to ensure the performance and security of our customers’ most important asset—their data.”

—Marco Bettini, Partner at Bridge Consulting, S.R.L.



“Oracle Enterprise Manager has provided best-in-class for manageability for Oracle Database for years. As more and more of our customers migrate their databases to the cloud, it’s natural that Enterprise Manager will serve as their migration solution to ensure they get there with minimal risk and effort.”

—Ernest Molinaro, CEO at Compasso



“Our customers are excited to move to Oracle Cloud, especially for the new autonomous offerings. We will use the new Oracle Enterprise Manager migration workbench to help them get there even faster, due to both the efficiency gains provided by the automation and the assurance of success provided by the built-in validations and best practices.”

—Brian Bream, CEO at Collier IT



“Oracle Enterprise Manager provides key control features that ensure the security of enterprise data, on premise and in the cloud. The new features in Enterprise Manager will increase the usage of data encryption, and the new compliance standards from both Oracle and third-parties will help our customers maximize their own security posture, whether their data resides in their data centers or on the public cloud.”

—Pravin Patil, Managing Partner and Cofounder at Kapstone



“We rely on Oracle Enterprise Manager as part of our hosted database services. Enterprise Manager’s timely support for the latest versions of Oracle Autonomous Database and Exadata Cloud will allow us to bring the newest and most secure Oracle technology to our own customers, and the advances in automation and analytics will ensure that we can exceed our service level goals with less effort.”

—Andrey Tambovsky, Technologies Director at FORS