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Put Automation in the Hands of Every Employee

Drive business agility with Oracle Integration Cloud's process automation for digital transformation. Go from idea to app in minutes - not months - with Robotic Process Automation, Adaptive Case Management, and best next action recommendations. Limit training by embedding your digital innovations directly in SaaS applications and optimize end-to-end operations with real-time insights into business outcomes.


Low-code, business-friendly automation for agile delivery.


Extend and connect SaaS with on-premises applications and the IoT.


Digital apps for working anywhere, anytime, and across devices.

Product Features

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    Business-led, Rapid Process Automation

  • Collaboratively build applications (processes, forms, rules, documents, services, and data) in a zero-code, 100% web-based designer.
  • Responsive, Multi-channel Forms

  • Create dynamic user interfaces. Develop once and deploy to web/mobile platforms.
  • Integrate with Oracle and non-Oracle Applications

  • Reliably connect to SOAP and REST interfaces. Use Oracle Integration Cloud for complex integrations.
  • Play, Test & Validate

  • Breakthrough bottlenecks with rich work stream analytics and interactive dashboards.


    Productive and Intuitive Task Management

  • View, complete, reassign and delegate tasks. Stay organized with filters. Receive email notification on tasks.
  • Work on the Go Across Devices

  • Access and complete tasks using a simple mobile app. Work in connected or disconnected mode. Upload files and reassign tasks to your phone contacts.
  • Task Collaboration

  • Comment, share photos or documents, and collaborate with others for increased productivity.
  • Right Work to Right Person

  • Use sophisticated work assignment capabilities and rules-based dynamic assignment for increased efficiency. Reduce your case backlog faster with adaptive, rules-based work assignments.


    Real-time, Actionable Dashboards

  • Monitor and manage work streams in real-time with rich visualizations and analytics.
  • Operational Intelligence

  • Subscribe to alerts, break through bottlenecks, detect trends, and take actions.
  • End to End Visibility & Self-service

  • Easily track workflows, view detailed audit trails, troubleshoot, and optimize key processes.
  • Process Agility

  • Change running processes (alter process flow, change data) to adapt to changing business conditions. Quickly change workflows, update data, and build business agility with business-friendly controls.


    Enterprise-grade Security

  • Highly available and scalable process application deployment environment, secured and managed by Oracle.
  • Process Apps Made Easy

  • Compose with QuickStart process apps for simplifying day to day tasks and adapting at the rate of business.
  • Full Lifecycle Management

  • Exercise complete control of your process application lifecycle with automatic, rules-based controls for moving from Dev/Test to Production Environments.
  • Portability

  • Flexibility to move process application metadata and content from cloud to on-premises for release controls.