Oracle Utilities Solutions for Grid and Network Management

Oracle Utilities Solutions for Grid and Network Management

Modernize Grid Performance

Provide grid safety, distributed-generation modeling, network reliability, and operational efficiencies to reduce costs and accelerate returns.

Reliability, Scalability, Safety

Delivering Mission-Critical Scalability
Delivering Mission-Critical Scalability icon Delivering Mission-Critical Scalability

Can you support potentially disruptive technologies such as rooftop solar and microgeneration?

By using advanced modeling, you can identify and mitigate voltage problems caused by the high penetration of distributed generation and associated intermittency, without affecting your revenue stream.

Improve Grid Performance
Improve Grid Performance icon Improve Grid Performance

Can you combine sensor and meter data, then use it to improve grid performance?

When you use smart meters as nodes on your grid, you improve reliability, achieve better load balancing, and lengthen asset life.

Leading Smart-Grid Technology
Leading Smart-Grid Technology icon Leading Smart-Grid Technology

Are you accurately modeling your grid?

Reliability and restoration goals demand models that combine asset location, condition, and description with up-to-the-minute connectivity diagrams.

A New Vision for Your Grid
A New Vision for Your Grid icon A New Vision for Your Grid

Can you manage the grid and support both load growth and replacement needs?

You need a grid that provides a strategic view of outage and distribution management, demand response, advanced modeling and analytics, and conservation voltage reduction.

Grid Outages Caused by Weather
Grid Outages Caused by Weather icon Grid Outages Caused by Weather

Are major storm events negatively affecting your reliability record?

Advanced outage software can help speed restoration while also providing trustworthy customer communications.

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