OCI over Microsoft Azure

A public cloud built for mission-critical, enterprise workloads.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is built for any application needing higher performance, lower cost, and deployment closer to end users. Customers choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because they can access every cloud service where it is needed, migrate any workload to the cloud without costly rearchitecture, and leverage the latest cloud native technologies.

  • Take advantage of Oracle data services that are only in OCI, including optimized hardware, as well as open source offerings, such as MySQL HeatWave and Kubernetes.
  • Experience a cloud architecture designed for reaching full capacity without oversubscription.
  • Enable a multicloud strategy to take advantage of specialized services and increase vendor diversification.

Azure customers can access all Oracle Database services in OCI as native services from Azure in select regions—without leaving the Azure ecosystem.

Multicloud deployment success with OCI and Microsoft Azure

Oracle options that are only on OCI

  • Autonomous services

    Only OCI supports scalable, multi-node, autonomous services for Oracle Database on optimized hardware, bare metal, and virtual machines. Deploy Oracle data services in your choice of public cloud regions, OCI Dedicated Region, hybrid, and on-premises.

  • Access Oracle data services on Azure

    Azure only offers Oracle Database on a customer-managed, single node in the Marketplace. Access all Oracle Database options on native OCI from within Azure using Oracle Database Service on Azure.

Oracle recommends leveraging Oracle Database Service for Azure to run split-stack architecture workloads with the application tier in Azure and Oracle RAC as part of an Oracle Cloud database. Oracle does not support Oracle Real Application Clusters on Non-Oracle public cloud environments. For more information, refer to My Oracle Support Note 2688277.1, Oracle Database Support for Non-Oracle Public Cloud Environments.

Public cloud built for mission-critical, enterprise workloads

Distributed cloud places services and data where you need them

Access OCI cloud services in public regions, OCI Dedicated Region, cloud@customer, hybrid, and multicloud deployments.

OCI enables you to meet your performance, reliability, and data sovereignty needs while leveraging all of OCI’s technology. Azure Stack Hub only offers a subset of Azure’s services.

Run any workload in OCI, including enterprise, cloud native, and serverless

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was built for organizations that are looking to run any application closer to their customers with high performance at a lower cost. Deploy existing applications—even the legacy ones—along with cloud native apps on containers as well as serverless on OCI Functions.

Join customers like Medallia and Snap Vision who chose OCI over the other cloud providers.

Accelerate MySQL, the world’s most popular open source database

Combine managed MySQL capability, transaction processing, in-memory analytics, and converged machine learning on a single platform with MySQL Heatwave.

An independent benchmark (PDF) shows an 80% cost savings and 62% faster performance than Azure Synapse.

Cloud infrastructure and applications everywhere

Oracle Cloud spans 48 interconnected geographic commercial and government cloud regions. Unlike other providers, each region offers a consistent set of more than 100 Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, with consistent low pricing worldwide. For more complete support of customer cloud strategies, Oracle Cloud also offers a full suite of Oracle Cloud Applications and direct interconnection with Microsoft Azure.

Oracle Cloud data center global distribution map, details below

Oracle data centers are distributed around the world.

Oracle data centers by Region
Region Current Regions Regions Coming soon Azure Interconnect
North America 13 0 4
South America 5 0 1
Europe 15 0 3
Middle East & Africa 5 3 1
Asia Pacific 10 0 3

Why customers choose OCI

  • WorkForce Software moves from Azure to Oracle Cloud, ups performance 40%

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    Oracle Exadata Cloud Service

    Industry: High Technology

    Location: United States

  • FLSmidth moves all its workloads to Oracle Cloud, triples performance

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

    Location: Denmark

  • Snap Vision saves 40% on hosting with Oracle Cloud

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
    Oracle Commerce

    Industry: High Technology

    Location: United Kingdom

  • Frisk cuts costs, enhances its search and indexing with Oracle Cloud

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

    Industry: High Technology

    Location: Australia

Simplified and consistent pricing

Oracle Cloud pricing is easier to understand and model because most options are already included in the price. Plus, service pricing is the same across all global regions. OCI's Always Free pricing tier provides many services for free up to generous limits., such as 10 TB of data egress free per month.

Azure charges different prices across regions for the same service and charges for data egress after only 100 GB per month.

Learn more about pricing

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Seamless, cross-cloud experience

Leverage the strengths of OCI and Azure without compromise. Access all Oracle Database features on native OCI from within Azure services at local speed in select regions.

Learn more about OCI and Azure

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