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Oracle Customer Success — Falkonry


Falkonry Speeds Access to Pattern Recognition Technology with Oracle IaaS


Using Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Compute Services, we can leverage a large amount of compute power in a short amount of time to explore data. We can now give customers access to our revolutionary artificial intelligence technology in just minutes—democratizing machine learning for millions of people.

— Nikunj Mehta, CEO and Founder, Falkonry

Falkonry Relies on Infrastructure as a Service to Give Enterprises Rapid and Cost-Effective Access to Operations Artificial Intelligence

As a company focused on intelligent operations solutions, Falkonry is in the transformation business. To fulfill its goal of democratizing machine learning, the company continuously seeks innovations that will enable it to deliver more powerful, user-friendly, and cost-effective intelligent solutions.

Falkonry sought a vendor that could provide high-performance, high-availability, and cost-effective infrastructure services to its customers across a variety of industries. Falkonry wanted to empower its customers to solve previously unapproachable problems in record time—days or weeks instead of years—providing them tremendous measurable value and competitive advantage.

Falkonry Uses Oracle Bare Metal Cloud for Hidden Patterns

  • Enable customers to rapidly and cost-effectively use Falkonry’s streaming pattern recognition to transform their businesses and revolutionize continuous operational improvement
  • Provide a flexible solution architecture to meet clients’ unique needs and requirements—which encompass both cloud and on-premises environments
  • Ensure the security and integrity of Falkonry clients’ sensitive data—which can range from process to machine to sensor data—as organizations leverage the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) engine
  • Empowered clients to get up and running on Falkonry’s cloud AI engine in minutes versus weeks or months with on-premises solutions and at a fraction of the cost
  • Enabled a customer to go from contracting to completion of a pilot in just three weeks versus upwards of six months with traditional on-premises approaches
  • Benefitted from Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services’ native support for containers, giving Falkonry the flexibility to support both on-premises and cloud deployments with the same solution packaging
  • Gained an attractive alternative to a virtual machine-based cloud environment, which was more expensive and delivered fewer capabilities, less flexibility, and lower performance
  • Ensured the security of sensitive client data from origination to Oracle Cloud environment with defense in depth, from software to networks to hardware
  • Gave Falkonry the ability to transition the setup environment directly to customers—improving control and security of sensitive data


Oracle is the gold standard for bare metal. Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services deliver the capabilities of bare metal and the architecture that we wanted. We looked at other cloud offerings and found that the cost and performance were not quite on par with Oracle.

— Nikunj Mehta, CEO and Founder, Falkonry


“We were looking at several cloud providers and were not sure what to expect from Oracle’s new, next-generation infrastructure. Oracle guided us through the onboarding process, and we were impressed with its flexibility in supporting the open standards we required,” Mehta said.

About Falkonry


Sunnyvale, CA, United States



Falkonry is an AI company on the leading-edge of industrial transformation. It helps enterprises improve operational efficiency through machine learning and pattern recognition AI. Falkonry software enables industrial engineers to create real-time process control insights from enterprise and internet of things (IoT) time-series data.

Published:  Mar 31, 2017