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Oracle Customer Success—Fishbowl Solutions, Inc.

Fishbowl Solutions, Inc.

Fishbowl Solutions Improves Client Software and Service Delivery with Oracle


With Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, we can securely share information internally and externally, reduce costs, and drive new efficiencies—helping us to improve customer service by accelerating global client onboarding by 15% and facilitate project start up and management.

— Jason Lamon, Marketing Team Lead, Fishbowl Solutions, Inc.

Fishbowl Solutions Cuts Project Initiation Time by 15% and Improves Software and Service Delivery with Cloud Content Management Solution

Fishbowl Solutions is an Oracle Gold and Oracle Cloud Standard Partner, specializing in delivering content management and enterprise portal solutions based on Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Cloud. The company leverages its combined years of consulting and software development expertise, with its industry and market knowledge to help customers solve costly and frustrating knowledge sharing problems.

After relying heavily on email and disparate folder-based processes to manage projects and deliver software to its global clients across a variety of industries, Fishbowl Solutions deployed Oracle Documents Cloud Service as a centralized digital experience platform to enable efficient management of documents used internally and externally.

Business Challenge
  • Enable the consulting firm to efficiently share documents with clients as it sets up and manages complex projects across a variety of industries—from financial services to manufacturing—around the world
  • Reduce dependence on email by enabling Fishbowl Solutions to quickly, cost effectively, and securely set up new content collaboration instances to support clients and projects—particularly for its customers in the government space who face email-related size restrictions
  • Ensure version control to avoid errors and delays with a centralized repository for contracts, project workflows, and more
  • Track comments and discussions and have the ability to view full history of such communications involving content shared between Fishbowl Solutions and its customers
  • Deployed Oracle Content and Experience Cloud as the consulting firm’s content management cloud solution, accelerating global client onboarding by 15% and facilitating project start up and management
  • Facilitated informal collaboration by enabling Fishbowl Solutions’ users to communicate and work with multiple parties on a folder or document, without needing to trace multiple email conversations
  • Benefitted from an easy-to-use and flexible solution that allows internal and external users to get up to speed quickly with an intuitive user interface and the ability to easily assign different levels of access rights to meet their unique needs
  • Ensured security of sensitive documents, particularly for the company’s financial services, healthcare, and government clients, with Oracle’s cloud infrastructure
  • Assured document accuracy and master version control with a centralized content repository, eliminating one-off emails and multiple document copies that led to confusion and errors
  • Helped one of Fishbowl Solutions’ long-standing clients launch a new employee portal on time and budget by leveraging Oracle Content and Experience Cloud to expedite communications between project teams, and keep project deliverable content in a central location for easy access
  • Increased project team productivity and efficiency, reducing costs and optimizing time spent on value-add initiatives
  • Saved significant time and reduced IT complexity with the highly scalable cloud-based digital experience platform


We were familiar with other cloud options, including Dropbox, and, but ultimately selected Oracle because it gave us a fully integrated content management solution out of the box, helping us to easily and securely share documents with internal and external users.

— Jason Lamon, Marketing Team Lead, Fishbowl Solutions, Inc.


“Oracle Content and Experience Cloud helped us to simplify our IT infrastructure and reduce costs. Instead of trying to manually provision servers, we were able to buy licenses, secure server space on Oracle Cloud, and provision our environment in a matter of hours,” Lamon said.

About Fishbowl Solutions, Inc.


Minneapolis, MN, United States



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Published:  Jul 12, 2017