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Oracle Customer Success—FORS Distribution, FORS Group

FORS Distribution, FORS Group

FORS Distribution Boosts Solution Center Performance with Oracle Cloud


Oracle Management Cloud improves the quality of services available to our partners by providing independent monitoring and analytics, allowing us to understand the source of problems and how to prevent them from happening in the future. It is simple to add to your infrastructure as a cloud service.

— Andrey Tambovsky, Technologies Director, FORS Distribution, FORS Group

FORS Distribution Accelerates Application Testing 4x Through Oracle’s Performance Monitoring and Log Analytics

Established in 1991, FORS is an Oracle Value Added Distributor, delivering Oracle infrastructure solutions and IT services in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). FORS Distribution operates a solution center equipped with Oracle Exadata and other Oracle Engineered Systems used for testing and development of partner applications before they are put into production. It also provides training in Oracle technologies.
The company’s strategic direction lies in promoting and building up Oracle Cloud expertise. The FORS Solution Center operates a private cloud environment to support testing and development of cloud projects. To create maximum value for partners and their customers, FORS Distribution decided to expand the quality of its services in the area of infrastructure and application monitoring and analysis.

FORS Experiences the Benefits of the Oracle Management Cloud

Business Challenge
  • Provide improved quality by extending the range of equipment monitoring and analytics services available to partners’ testing and developing applications in the FORS private cloud environment
  • Reinforce service level agreements (SLAs) by supporting partner cloud projects with more effective monitoring of application performance and solution center resource management
  • Bolster the company’s leading position as an Oracle hardware and software partner by connecting to Oracle Cloud platform resources for more efficient and secure applications testing and development
  • Demonstrate commitment to an Oracle first strategy by passing on the advantages of the latest Oracle Cloud technologies and products via Oracle partners to customers throughout Russia and the CIS
  • Deployed Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service to provide deep visibility into application performance for partners modernizing their customers’ IT landscape—isolating problems before they impact business; and monitoring infrastructure with no maintenance, configuration, or modeling, and with minimal overhead
  • Enhanced the troubleshooting of web applications by using Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service to monitor, aggregate, index, and analyze log data from applications and infrastructure being tested for customers, enabling users to solve problems faster and derive operational insights for improved decision-making
  • Added value to professional services by deploying Oracle Management Cloud to track the performance of applications tested in the solution center for Oracle resellers and independent software vendors (ISVs), supplementing the lifecycle management capabilities of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control with machine-learning for proactively monitoring the status and health of all IT infrastructure
  • Achieved 4x acceleration in the time to test and migrate applications developed for business transformation by using Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service and Oracle Log Analytics Cloud Service to verify the stability of servers, performance of databases, and smooth running of proof of concepts (PoCs) and cloud projects
  • Eliminated finger pointing due to multiple information silos across application and infrastructure data by entrusting monitoring and troubleshooting to Oracle Management Cloud’s enterprise-scale application of machine learning techniques and cloud computing power
  • Gained hands-on experience and expanded professional services by deploying Oracle Management Cloud services to support cloud projects of Oracle partners and their customers—ensuring effective monitoring and prompt elimination of performance problems and consequently helping Russian partners and their customers in mastering cloud technologies
  • Solidified adherence to SLAs by ensuring 99.99% availability of Oracle systems and 30-minute maximum response times due to the ability of Oracle Management Cloud to anticipate and rectify decreases in performance, allowing partners to test applications and PoCs at full throttle with simulated workloads in stress test mode at maximum performance
  • Promoted distribution and resale of Oracle technologies by demonstrating the enhancements to application development, testing, and migration derived from Oracle Management Cloud, acting as trusted advisor to partners and their customers by training them to install, connect, monitor, and interpret results and providing enablement, technical support, and joint marketing services
  • Consolidated position as #1 Oracle value-add distributor (VAD) in Russia by replicating the tools and architecture of the Oracle Cloud platform worldwide in a private cloud environment, at scale—demonstrating Oracle Management Cloud in its solution center alongside Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle server and storage systems


Oracle has been our technology provider for 26 years and the most unchanged feature of Oracle is that it is always changing and innovating. It is the leader, which makes us a leader too because we use the same technologies, especially in the Cloud, and that’s why Oracle Management Cloud was the proper decision.

— Andrey Tambovsky, Technologies Director, FORS Distribution, FORS Group


“The beauty of Oracle Management Cloud is that it is located in the Oracle Cloud, accessible from anywhere, requires no configuration, and provides our partners with in-depth analytics and monitoring of infrastructure and applications.” – Andrey Tambovsky, Technologies Director, FORS Distribution, FORS Group

About FORS Distribution, FORS Group


Moscow, Russia


More than 500

Annual Revenue

US$181 million
FORS Distribution, based in Moscow, is an Oracle Platinum Partner and value-added distributor of Oracle products. It was established in 1991 as part of the FORS Group, the largest developer of Oracle-based systems in Russia. The company received Oracle best partner awards in the EMEA region several times. 
Published:  Aug 01, 2017