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Oracle Customer Success—Ede Municipality (Gemeente Ede)

Ede Municipality (Gemeente Ede)

Ede Municipality Strategically Shifts HR Processes with Oracle PaaS


With Oracle Process Cloud we manage the municipality’s permanent and temporary employees more efficiently, replacing numerous legacy applications and Excel workarounds. In addition, we established a more collaborative way of working that will benefit the municipality long term.

— Rik Boers, Strategic Adviser HRM, Ede Municipality (Gemeente Ede)

Ede Municipality Expedites Onboarding and Enhances Staff Collaboration by Managing Human Resources and Business Processes with Oracle Cloud

Ede Municipality (Gemeente Ede), a Dutch municipality with more than 100,000 inhabitants, is located between the cities of Arnhem and Utrecht, a rapidly developing area. Being industry-focused in the past, the municipality today builds on growing its food and healthcare industries as well as tourism, education, and service sectors.

Its economic activity as well as the requirements for its administration and IT systems are expanding continuously. Managing the municipality’s 850 permanent and 200 temporary employees more efficiently was identified as a critical factor to meet the growing demand for public service. Against this background, Gemeente Ede decided to replace the fragmented staff data storage and processing infrastructure with one end-to-end solution.

Gemeente EDE Optimize Processes with OPCS

Business Challenge
  • Capture, store, and manage HR data with an end-to-end solution to ensure faster and coherent onboarding of municipal employees—a previously fragmented process that required various onboarding processes and contracts
  • Ensure HR data quality and completeness, as well as accessibility, for all municipal departments by establishing a single source of trustworthy information about municipal employees—temporary, permanent, and indirect
  • Avoid any interference of the HR management platform with on-premises IT systems used by the municipality’s departments
  • Consolidated HR data collection and processing by deploying Oracle Process Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service as an end-to-end solution, leveraging the deployment to implement newly designed processes for enhanced collaboration between municipal departments
  • Maximized HR management efficiency, unleashing previously hidden capacity of staff partly underemployed in one department and able to fill gaps in other departments
  • Decreased time for onboarding staff from up to 2 weeks to within 48 hours by centrally administering and issuing all necessary onboarding information, workspace equipment, and access authorizations to new employees
  • Increased the municipality’s agility with the multi-channel responsive interfaces of Oracle Process Cloud Service across web, phone, and tablet, while also granting mobile access to HR data to core users
  • Gained the ability to run comprehensive analyses on municipal staff based on a single source of accurate and trustworthy information, facilitating staffing decisions which are taken by the local government on a regular basis
  • Achieved stability, availability, and performance of numerous municipal systems by employing proven Oracle Cloud technology instead of individually developed and locally deployed software solutions
  • Ensured a rapid deployment by leveraging the Oracle Cloud to focus on business processes rather than hardware deployment and software development
  • Attained continuity of all municipal services by deploying Oracle Process Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service without any influence on the municipality’s on-premises IT infrastructure


Our starting point was the data, not the system. We wanted everybody in the local government to work with complete and trustworthy HR data at the lowest possible costs. Oracle Cloud meets these requirements best since it offers speedy deployment, ease of administration, high performance, and absolute stability.

— Rik Boers, Strategic Adviser HRM, Ede Municipality (Gemeente Ede)


There were a few critical points Gemeente Ede had to deal with in order to smoothly and successfully implement the new solution. Firstly, they had to design and translate their processes for Oracle Process Cloud. Secondly, data from different existing systems had to be migrated into the cloud. And thirdly, all this had to be done without disturbing or influencing on-premises systems or services in any way. Given this, one week for building a live working demo and another six weeks for first production processes to go live—delivered by Oracle Platinum Partner Qualogy—was more than satisfactory for Ede Municipality.

About Ede Municipality (Gemeente Ede)


Ede, Netherlands


850 permanent, 200 temporary
Gemeente Ede is a municipality in the province of Gelderland in the heart of the Netherlands. Known for its famous woods, heathland, drifting sands, and the Hoge Veluwe National Park, the municipality includes the city of Ede and surrounding villages. Citizens and visitors enjoy a wide range of amenities in business, tourism, healthcare, education, sports, recreation, and culture.


Ede Municipality chose Oracle Platinum Partner, Qualogy, for the implementation. Even though the company had not worked with the local government before, there was an immediate understanding of the requirements and challenges, and Qualogy suggested impressively simple and convincing solutions.

“It was clear from the outset that Gemeente Ede needed a robust cloud solution. With Oracle PaaS, we deployed the most powerful tools available on the market in a very short time and at reasonable costs. We are quite happy with the project and with Gemeente Ede´s recognition for its outcome,” said Gudron van der Wal, Business Unit Manager, Qualogy Consultancy BV.
Published:  Dec 14, 2017