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Oracle Customer Success—Inspirage


Inspirage Establishes End-to-End Cloud Infrastructure to Transform Business Processes


Our company grew by 40% over the last several years, and our legacy systems could not support that level of rapid growth. We turned to Oracle to build an end-to-end cloud solution that was flexible, scalable, and secure—helping to propel us into the future.

— Srini Subramanian, CEO, Inspirage

Inspirage is a leading integrated supply chain specialist firm focused on solving business-critical challenges from design to delivery. Founded in 2007 by former Oracle product managers, Inspirage experienced an average annual growth rate of 30% over the past five years and today has nearly 500 consultants delivering services in nearly 50 countries around the globe.

Inspirage Integrates Using Cloud Application Suite

Business Challenge
  • Boost sales and marketing teams’ productivity by enabling the company’s completely remote workforce to collaborate regardless of location
  • Empower sales team to boost sales and drive growth for its end-to-end consulting and technology solutions by enhancing the lead nurturing process with an integrated customer relationship management and marketing automation system
  • Ensure finance system support for multiple currencies, tax jurisdictions, and international subsidiaries for the company’s nearly 500 consultants operating in approximately 50 countries
  • Eliminate manual data entry processes for project management and time and expense reporting
  • Evolve processes to meet customers’ needs rapidly and without the need for additional infrastructure investment
  • Created a platform for transforming business processes—from marketing through sales, finance, and project management—with Oracle Cloud solutions
  • Set a course to reduce the number of systems from 16 down to 5—to simplify and reduce IT management burden and costs—allowing IT to focus on strategic projects that advance the business
  • Standardized on a global Oracle Cloud technology platform to provide almost 500 consultants located in nearly 50 countries with immediate access to the most up-to-date information on customers—that range from high technology companies, to industrial manufacturers, to life sciences organizations—including the ability to access the system via mobile devices
  • Established a single source of truth to reduce data entry redundancy—for project management, time, and expense reporting—ultimately enabling the company to improve productivity as well as prevent errors
  • Integrate client and project data to enable sales teams to improve the productivity of sales planning, prospecting, and execution to produce better results across the company’s global territories
  • Provided a single source of truth to enable sales teams to improve the productivity of sales planning, prospecting, and execution to produce better results across the company’s global territories
  • Established a secure and central location for sales representatives to access master service agreements, non-disclosure agreements, statements of work, purchase orders, and contracts—which reduces reliance on the finance team to access these critical documents
  • Increased the number of qualified sales opportunities coming through the pipeline with a more comprehensive view of customer information, enabling the sales team to boost efficiency and accuracy when targeting customers
  • Expanded visibility into financial data to drive more informed business decisions based on the state of the company’s financial health
  • Gained the ability to complete financial consolidations in four hours instead of three plus days, and tax reporting in one day versus six days, and consolidated nine general ledgers—enabling the company to streamline financial processes to focus more resources on strategic objectives and analysis   
  • Streamlined future upgrades and enabled the company to easily and seamlessly take advantage of the latest functionality with a cloud solution
  • Ensured high availability and timely maintenance of key business applications, enabling Inspirage’s internal IT team to focus on other business priorities
  • Established framework which, in the future, will provide users with access to near real-time insight across projects, which is imperative for evaluation and speed in decision making
  • Laid foundation for Inspirage to seamlessly and easily re-design and roll out new branding as well as new lead nurturing process that will provide the sales team with full visibility into the customer lifecycle, including email clicks, web site visits, and other key performance indicators


Our disparate legacy applications no longer supported our rapidly growing business. The Oracle Cloud solution provided us with a comprehensive platform for extending insight that supports more strategic business decisions and improving the productivity of our business across the globe.

— Srini Subramanian, CEO, Inspirage


Inspirage looked to the Oracle Cloud to build a complete, end-to-end solution. Rolling out five cloud solutions concurrently is no easy feat, so Inspirage leveraged its own Rapid Value Implementation Methodology to simplify and speed the process.

“Rather than trying to continually modify our legacy systems that were not designed to work together, we looked at Oracle Cloud applications because we knew they would offer us a flexible, secure, and scalable solution that we could implement quickly,” Subramanian said.

About Inspirage


WA, United States



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 Million
Published:  May 16, 2017