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Oracle Customer Success—iStudy Co., Ltd.

iStudy Co., Ltd.

iStudy Builds New eLearning Environment 5x Faster with Oracle PaaS and IaaS


With Oracle PaaS and IaaS, we reduced the lead time to construct a production environment for new customers from approximately one week to one day. This enabled us to free up resources and focus on sales, increasing revenue opportunity and cutting significant operating costs.

— Masashi Kato, Vice President, IT department, iStudy Co., Ltd.

iStudy Delivers New eLearning Environment to Customers 5x Faster, Increases Sales, and Reduces Data Center Operating Costs with Oracle

iStudy Co., Ltd. develops and delivers a range of eLearning content—including Oracle certified training courses and platform development—to corporations and universities via its learning management system. iStudy’s learning platform gives a unique competitive advantage over rivals in Japan by providing classroom training courses with lecturer attendance and trainee performance management.
iStudy used to take at least one week to customize eLearning content and receive customer permission to install the content into their on-premises environment.  iStudy wanted to reduce this lead time and speed up the business cycle by moving to a ‘standard trial-ready’ version via a cloud platform instead of full customization.
Business Challenge
  • Deliver eLearning system environment to prospective customers faster by migrating the trial environment to a cloud platform rather than creating a new infrastructure for the customer each time
  • Stay competitive by moving the testing environment for new learning management system to the cloud and enabling less preparation time and lower hardware maintenance costs
  • Shortened the lead time to build new eLearning environment by 5x—just one  day instead of five  business days—and dramatically reduced IT workload by using Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Compute Cloud Service to construct a production environment instead of changing the customer’s infrastructure each time
  • Freed up resources to configure system environment and focused on generating more leads in the eLearning market by enabling seamless integration and collaboration between Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment and the existing on-premises data center
  • Enhanced competitive edge by migrating the testing environment for learning management system to Oracle PaaS and relieving the burden on existing on-premises database, enabling developers to quickly test the new eLearning content for over 1,000 customers 
  • Cut data-center operating costs, such as hardware and server maintenance, floor space, and power consumption, by moving testing and development environment to a secure and cost-effective Oracle PaaS 
  • Provided rich and interactive visuals for business users to easily understand and analyze the trends of eLearning content—such as automating learning achievement evaluation and related learning materials suggestion—with a powerful Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service
  • Simplified security management by using an intuitive Oracle PaaS and enabling users to easily manage security settings without relying on a limited number of experienced staff members


We consolidated all our cloud services to Oracle IaaS because only Oracle offered seamless integration with our existing Oracle Database and provided us the synergy and cost saving benefits. Using a single vendor also simplified the management of all our cloud needs.

— Masashi Kato, Vice President, IT department, iStudy Co., Ltd.


iStudy migrated the testing environment for providing new eLearning system to customers to Oracle PaaS and Oracle IaaS—including Oracle Database Cloud Service, Oracle Compute Cloud Service, Oracle Developer Cloud Service,  Oracle Java Cloud Service, and Oracle Application Express. It completed the entire implementation in just one month after the selection process.

About iStudy Co., Ltd.


Tokyo, Japan



Annual Revenue

US$4.48 Million
iStudy has been operating in the Japanese eLearning and learning management system market since 1997. It offers originally developed eLearning content to a wide range of client organizations through learning management system and in-classroom trainings. iStudy also provides video collaboration solutions through the cloud, such as web teleconferencing and seminar distribution service.
Published:  Sep 12, 2017